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Small Two-Story Red Brick House Project From Mexico

facade of a two-storey red brick house

The small two-story red brick house project is a secluded Mexican home of 155 square meters surrounded by gardens and forests. A building with features of classic Mexican architecture, built from traditional building materials, thought out for the comfortable living of a family with modern needs.

Let’s look at 3 features that helped make the cottage practical and comfortable.

Distribution of functions of two floors of a red brick house

The first floor is closely connected with the adjoining garden. This allowed us to get rid of the feeling of impenetrability, let in daylight and fill social spaces with fresh air. The garden here has become an accent element, and the architecture has been adapted to it.

And already from the second floor, we see the landscape in the distance – there a pine forest stretches to the horizon. The views from the bedrooms on the second floor are very different from those on the lower level.

This, in turn, created a different atmosphere in the social and private spaces of the two-story brick house. Each level is adapted to the tasks provided for it.

Aesthetics of classic material in a two-story red brick house

Unfinished brickwork has become popular in the arrangement of residential interiors. The architects applied the trend in this object as well.

And to get rid of the gloom and add classic Mexican hues to the brick-walled dwellings, the walls were painted pink.

Although the furnishings of the cottage are quite reminiscent of the classics, it is nevertheless diluted with modern trends. There is a minimum of decor, and simple furniture made from natural materials. In general, the interior turned out to be eclectic, slightly pop, but at the same time, family-like cozy.

Integration of a two-story red brick house with a garden

The adjoining garden here looks more like an atrium than an open courtyard. It is fenced on almost all sides and separated from the rest of the local area.

This makes it possible to relax in a secluded, confidential environment. From the house itself, access is made here through panoramic glazing. Nearby there is a covered terrace with garden furniture.

Thus, a small two-story red brick house in a classic Mexican style has been adapted to the needs of modern people. This is a new home with a reference to age-old traditions and customs.

ArchitectsApaloosa Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño