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Concrete House Design with Recreation Areas & Swimming Pool

Architectural bureau RUANGRONA has implemented a luxury concrete house project in Indonesia, which is an oasis of comfort and technology in the middle of the tropics. The building is thought out so that the residents can satisfy all their needs, relax, while maintaining complete privacy and not leaving the facility.

The spacious house is a complex of spaces that are in close contact with recreation areas, which are partly inside and partly outdoors. But in any case, they are hidden behind solid concrete walls, which provides a high level of privacy and security.

Integrating an outdoor swimming pool into a modern concrete house

A feature of the object was the introduction of the pool to living spaces. Together with the terraces, it is in direct contact with the living space. It seems that the pool is located right in the living room. But at the same time, it is located in a separate part of the house, and is actually taken out of the panoramic windows that act as enclosing structures.

It is worth looking up, we see a light roof made of bamboo, through which you can see the sky. Although the terraced pool is built into the concrete house, it is outdoors and can always be separated from the room.

Imagine that you are walking along a corridor, on one side of which you see your apartment, and on the other, an open pool hidden behind a concrete wall. It is on this principle that the presented project is built. The solution looks unusual, atmospheric, dynamic.

The concept of unhindered association of internal and external spaces is traced, from which a single habitat for a person is created. The configuration of the house made it possible to achieve high-quality air circulation, natural adjustment of the microclimate to achieve the most comfortable conditions.

Maximum privacy of a concrete house with a swimming pool

Closely integrated with the living space, the adjoining recreation areas are hidden from external access and are literally attached to the living spaces. This technique allowed me to protect myself as much as possible from the views from the outside and find myself in my comfortable world with everything necessary for life.

It doesn’t matter what happens at the neighbors, on the street, the roadway. The house always maintains peace, tranquility, its own cozy atmosphere. To make the atmosphere homely, warm, wood was used in the decoration of structures and furniture. The exterior walls were also partly wood paneled.

This concrete house was built on the principle of integrating the adjacent area directly into the building. The pool seating areas and the pool itself are actually outside but give the impression that they are located inside the building. This effect is achieved through close interaction and localization of spaces in a single volume, limited by concrete walls.