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Concrete Sink – Stylish and Practical

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a washstand. It is also needed in the kitchen. This is a popular and functional attribute of the interior. Designers offer interesting solutions. Restrained classics do not lose relevance, and the realization of bold ideas surprises with creativity. Of particular note is the concrete sink.

Focus on details and quality control

Trueform Concrete Sinks are eye-catching. A responsible approach is practiced at every stage of production. The highest quality materials are used. Not surprisingly, the company occupies a leading position in the market. The company’s products evoke positive emotions and are practical.

Custom Concrete Sink Function Available

Benefits of Concrete Sinks

  • Concrete sinks are eco-friendly. Remind of the green attitude towards architecture;
  • There are different configurations. They can have the usual round shape or the original geometric. The number of pools can also be different;
  • Due to the unique configuration of steel brackets, sinks are easily mounted on different types of surfaces;
  • Concrete sinks are made by hand. Each instance is unique in its own way;
  • Products are durable, reliable and durable;
  • Do not cause difficulties in leaving. The surface of concrete sinks is treated with a special sealant. This ensures a smooth and even surface;
  • Concrete sinks emphasize the individuality of the room. Suitable for buildings of any type.

The disadvantages of concrete sinks include:

  • Heavy weight. To mount the sink requires equipment. And the weight of the product itself is quite voluminous;
  • Dimensions The shape of the concrete sink may be different. But, the product will still remain bulky. This will visually reduce the height of the room;
  • Concrete absorbs moisture. It gets dark when water gets on it.

The concrete sink is suitable for rooms designed in the style of the Middle Ages. It can also be a loft, grunge, minimalism, hi-tech. The main thing is that the harmony of the general background is respected.

In a cramped apartment, do not install a concrete sink and countertop. But for the spacious and bright rooms of a country house, this is a winning option.

In the kitchen, it is appropriate to install a combined sink. This will help to set the right accents.

Freedom of choice

Demand for furniture and home accessories made of concrete is increasing. Not the last role is played by fashion trends and the desire to use environmentally friendly materials.

You can make a concrete sink with your own hands. This requires a little knowledge, experience, the availability of materials and time. If circumstances do not allow and there is not enough courage to start work, then it is better to buy a finished product. The prices for a concrete sink are quite adequate, but for an exclusive, you will have to pay more. Beautiful and stylish concrete sinks made by professional craftsmen cannot be cheap.