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Cool Outdoor Window Shutters Ideas

The presented project of a holiday home is somewhat similar to the fabulous housing of the characters from Harry Potter. The building rising in the meadow does not look like an ordinary hut or house. This is an unusual two-level construction with its color and atmosphere. The main idea of outdoor window shutters is that you can control the privacy level of the building. But the functionality of such a solution does not end there.

Let’s consider the project in more detail and deal with the opportunities that the transforming structure gives.

The functionality of Outdoor Window Shutter Ideas

Imagine if you could remove any of the walls in your house and open up the space to the landscape. The presented object has such a function. The wall rises, and behind it, a solid panoramic window opens, through which you can freely contact the landscape. If you want to hide from external access, you can simply cover the wall. The walls are also closed for a time when no one lives in the house.

The peculiarity of the solution is that in the open state the wall forms a canopy over the adjoining terrace. The latter serves as a continuation of the living space. By opening the building from all sides, you increase the usable space several times. The functional and unusual idea of outdoor window shutters allows you to turn a small enclosed space into a spacious outdoor area.

In addition, open walls replace cornices. The living space receives a metered amount of daylight and is protected from the scorching rays at noon. Inside the building, a pleasant microclimate is maintained throughout the day. If desired, you can separately open any of the walls to enjoy views of the forest, sunrise, or order – it depends on the situation and time of day.

Flavor House with Opening Facade

On the lower level, with opening panoramic windows, a cozy living room is stylized as rural housing. The upper level can be reached by a regular staircase. It is there that there is a cozy colorful bedroom with small windows. A fabulous atmosphere emanates from the space. At the same time, the views from the windows are no less impressive. In the distance, you can see the ocean, and closer are meadows and forests.

The house is divided into two parts. One is for living, relaxing, and cooking, and the other is a shower and toilet. The bathroom is connected to the terrace. Due to this decision, it looks more like an outdoor shower. Water for the needs of residents is collected in a special tank during rain. This configuration makes the object even more colorful, interesting and unusual.

The unique idea of outdoor window shutters is a compact, yet functional, transformable home, where you can enjoy the color and fabulous atmosphere.

ArchitectsCasey Brown Architecture
ImagesAndrew Loiterton