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Creative Contemporary Bay Window in a Private House

Today, when building a country house, you can be creative with almost no restrictions. Construction technologies make it possible to realize the most unthinkable ideas of customers. And with high-quality performance, it all looks very impressive. The house from the architectural bureau Atelier Oslo looks like a conceptual art object. And the most expressive element was a modern bay window in a private house designed for 4 owners.

Such bay windows are located along the entire perimeter and give the building a special, broken shape. But is there any sense in these designs, and how they influenced the functionality, comfort, ergonomics of the mansion – we will consider further.

Contemporary bay window in a private house as an element of housing localization

The presented project is not really a private house – there are 4 apartments in it. This is done to simplify the living conditions of families. But at the same time, each of the owners wanted to feel like in a personal, private home.

For this, the building provides several conceptual bay windows at once, located at an angle of 45 ° to the facade. They are in every living room. Due to the special design of bay windows, their windows face in different directions, thereby creating for the residents the feeling of being in a personal country house.

Panoramic glazing of each apartment is directed only to the area directly related to it.

Contemporary bay windows in a private house to optimize natural insolation and views

The next task that structures perform is directed streams of sunlight into the living space. Modern bay windows in a private house are located so that they offer a view not of neighboring plots, but into the distance to picturesque landscapes.

At the same time, due to this design, the area of each bedroom and living room has slightly increased. Thanks to the removal of panoramic windows, and not directly on the facade, the privacy of the home is increased. It is less visible from the outside, even with open curtains.

Thus, modern bay windows in a private house made the building not only creative in terms of design, but also significantly influenced its functionality and increased the privacy of each apartment. These structures have become one of the main elements in the design of the presented object.

ArchitectsAtelier Oslo
ImagesKristoffer Wittrup