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Crown Molding for French Country Exterior House

In this article we will talk about the design of the facade of the house in the style of Provence and country. These two styles today have gained great popularity among lovers of rustic classics, French charm.

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The decoration of the facade of the house in the Provencal style is distinguished by a special trend of refinement, naturalness and elegance.

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This exterior format is now common both in the number of houses outside the city and cottages in the urban environment.It is customary to finish the facade with natural materials, such as beams made of wood, ceramics, lining, natural stone, but. To reduce the cost of the process, it is possible to use artificial materials that mimic natural analogs.

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To achieve maximum conciseness and charm, it is customary to create a composition in warm, natural tones. Compared with the direction of the country, the style of Provence completely does not accept the use of aggressive colors, elements. It is important to exclude a sharp transition of the facade color.

Other Options Besides Crown Molding

The following colors in the facade coating are best: milk, turquoise, celestial, soft-lemon, peach, sand.

Alternatives To Crown Molding

As for the decoration of the facade, the decorative grilles on the windows, railings, fittings must be made in contrasting dark colors. Designers recommend choosing jewelry from wood or metal.

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The decoration of the facade of a private house, the photo of which you can find on our website, can have the following nuances:
  • To a calm, monophonic facade it is important to install windows with complicated shutters and bindings. The roof can have a variety of designs.
  • For plaster, a coarse grained variety is best. This will emphasize the effect of antiquity in the image of the building.
  • Choose a forged railing with openwork elements, a wooden fence that will look great with the facade of Provence.
  • The facade of the first floor should be executed with a minimum number of decorative elements.
  • The second floor will optimally decorate the balustrades, columns around large spacious or even panoramic windows.
  • Country style – a rural flavor in the stone jungle

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The presence of natural materials in the design of the facade, the presence of carved elements, decorative paintings, bright colors – all this reminds us of a native house in the village. Country style is quite similar to the Provence, but it is inherent in more jewelry, the tone is much warmer than in the French version. This is the best solution for lovers of peace, solitude and feeling in a cozy “nest”.