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Custom Sized Windows – Fresh Ideas of the Original Form

The architecture of our time is not afraid to move away from the classics of construction. This applies to both materials and building elements. Non-standard windows, which can be in a round, oval, trapezoidal, triangular configuration, will help to make the house exclusive, with a special atmosphere. Choosing a non-standard version of the project, you need to remember that the general idea of its design should be equally atypical.

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To show your individuality, you do not need to rack your brains over grandiose ideas. It is enough to apply one element of the facade decoration and the exterior will be an example for admiration.

forms – custom made windows

In the photo of a two-story house in Sydney, the main contrast is made on the windows, which have an inverted arched shape. In the classic concept, arched windows look like a rectangular structure with a rounded top. In the Glebe House project, they have the opposite shape.

large custom windows

Arched windows are installed around the entire facade, which transforms the triangular shape of the house. The alternation of continuous glazing with half-wall windows allows you to create a privacy zone. Openings and cutouts of the same size are aimed at the formation of three-dimensional voids. This double height technique helps to increase the level of natural light.

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maximum luminous flux – windows made to order

Using non-standard windows, home owners were able to fill the rooms with bright sunlight, increase the space and withstand a single Victorian style. Small, compact housing has its own atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Despite the limited land area, a large family of five received a large space for arranging bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a spacious corridor with bright lighting.

custom residential windows

single style exposure – custom house windows

Architects and designers clearly and concisely highlighted the Victorian style of the project. Wooden panels painted in white, framing the windows in bright colors, wooden grilles repeat the materiality of a country cottage. Facade cladding is abstracted into the inner filling. The rooms also have arched openings, cutouts, a spiral staircase, imitating the shape of non-standard windows.

custom double hung windows

The interior design is made in classic white with wooden trim walls, walls, furniture made of natural materials. The remarkable fact is that the interfloor partitions also have arched openings. Moreover, the lack of additional space does not affect the limitation of space. For Victorian style, arched structures are not typical, but in this case they harmoniously complemented each other.

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custom home windows – non-standard form of windows, as an indent from the classics

When discussing house design, one need not be afraid to present an individual vision of one’s home. Using peculiar elements of the facade, you can create an exclusive and attractive appearance of the exterior. Hemispherical structures of different heights made the house light, spacious, visually enlarged it inside and out. Aesthetic custom windows in the photo of the Australian project played a decisive role in the impressiveness of the building.

custom fit windows
custom arched windows
Architects Chenchow Little
Photo Peter Bennetts


Until recently, non-standard form windows were used only as dormer or dormer windows. Now, asymmetrical window openings serve as decoration of private houses, office and industrial premises, emphasizing their individuality and originality.

customade windows – extraordinary design ideas and non-trivial structural forms

Creative design ideas require a special approach to the choice of constructive solutions and building materials. The architectural ensemble of several asymmetric buildings with original windows on the French sea coast, thanks to a successful combination of these factors, harmoniously fits into the surrounding landscape.

The terrain descending to the sea is replete with green spaces, which managed to be kept as much as possible during construction. The living spaces are designed to emphasize the connection with the environment and achieve a secluded environment for the residents.

Separate buildings have their own special character due to structural glazing and unusual facades. Premises connected by a system of passages and terraces have unhindered access to the courtyard and pool. This provides the inhabitants of the house with all the conditions for relaxation in a calm and secluded atmosphere.

The wooden decoration of the facade walls emphasizes the close connection of architectural forms with the natural environment, and non-standard form windows give the premises sophistication and a special charm. The slope of the window openings to the south allows you to achieve the highest level of natural light in the interior.

made to order windows – non-template approach to interior design

The windows of atypical forms always look in a special way in the interior, adding notes of bright exoticism and personality to it.

An unusual window opening is able to emphasize a design idea and focus on a color palette or unusual furniture. The unconventional form does not tire the visual perception and gives the room a modern and progressive sound.

Trapezoidal panoramic windows not only act as an unconventional design element, but also provide the interior with a sufficient amount of light and heat.

Triangular windows can be in the form of an isosceles, rectangular or irregular triangle. In any case, with a large glazing area, the window must be divided into several segments. Depending on the location, the window may be dull or open. Consult with specialists about the choice of the principle of opening the window: fanlight, swing or tilt-and-turn.

With skillful use, non-standard-shaped windows can bring sophistication and elegance to any interior. It is only important to observe moderation in everything and not to deviate from the general architectural line that the unconventional solution did not look alien and inappropriate in the arrangement of the house.

ArchitectsAtelier du Pont
PhotoTakuji Shimmura  Philippe Garcia