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Design of a Country House in a Modern Style / Is it Possible to Combine Local Flavor and Fashionable Style?

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Each architect tries to create a design of a country house in a modern style that can surprise its future owner. The Avándaro House project, located in the middle of the Valle de Bravo forest in Mexico City, represents the ideal solution for stylish, comfortable, thought-out housing. It combines natural materials, spaciousness, unique finishes and a mundane interior.

Modern Style Country House Design
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How to determine the design of a country house in a modern style?

For any project of a certain style, there are distinctive characteristics. Evaluating the project from the masters of Taller Héctor Barroso, we see the local culture and traditional features of the design of a private building. The “weekend” residence uses the main local materials:

  1. Brick.
  2. Tree.
  3. Clay.

The whole texture is made in gently red color, which harmoniously looks against the background of a green forest. The idea of colors has become a key point in modern design. The brick cluster is an example of a unique, fashionable style, which uses local crafts and the work of professional builders. Thanks to the experiments of the transition from a more saturated shade to almost pastel, an unsurpassed appearance of the exterior was created.

Despite the fact that four separate blocks form a separate living space, they are at the same height, standing out among the green trees. To preserve the privacy of residents, the house is located to the north, while minimizing heat loss.

The layout includes a patio, in a quiet quiet courtyard you can have a great time with family, friends, enjoying the fresh air and the tenderness of the forest. In the inner part of the residence there is a dining room, bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom. The rooms offer a magnificent view through the panoramic windows to the central landscape of the courtyard.

interior and exterior design of a modern-style country house

If we figured out the external design, then it is worth considering the specifics of interior design. The premises are finished with the same materials as the exterior. Sequential columns and partitions allow you to move freely in space. And wooden lattices complement the rooms with cosiness, privacy, despite the large area of the rooms.

For each separate room on the second floor there is an exit to the terrace, exit from the first level allows access to the open veranda. The furniture and decor of the whole house are fully consistent with the design of the residence: wooden tables, coasters for sunbeds, wicker chairs, and national dishes become an integral addition to the style.

No matter how the design of a country house looks like in a modern style, it shows the local culture, traditions, trendy trends of architecture. To create such a project is possible only through experiments, eccentric ideas. In the photo of the Avándaro House residence, we saw a combination of each of this element. Despite the lack of new products in the global construction market, the studio’s architects were able to maintain local contrast with the functionality of the housing.

Architects Taller Héctor Barroso
Photo César Béjar