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8+ Designer Staircases for Fashion Interiors

Steep designer stairs are quite extraordinary and unusual structures that emphasize the style of the living space. In the most successful variants, the singularity of forms and solutions is in harmony with convenience, safety and excellent ergonomics.

The design structures clearly show the balance of cool ideas and comfort. Where needed, you will receive lighting, the lack of a railing is compensated by thoughtful alternative solutions, etc. Let’s consider a few of the most successful options.

Spectacular wooden designer stairs

A cool, atmospheric solution of a backlit wooden staircase looks like a fashionable photo zone. The built-in structure looks like an integral part of the interior. These are not separately built steps, but a designer staircase closely integrated into a fashionable, environmentally friendly environment.

The following solution demonstrates how a wooden structure can fit stylishly into a technological interior with an emphasis on closeness to nature. The furnishings are dominated by natural wood and glass. This tendency is fully consistent with the presented solution. And a living tree right in the living room area complements a truly spectacular setting.

Figured lamellas as the enclosing structure of the designer staircase have become the basis of the original design. It seems that this element of the interior was created by nature itself. The close connection with naturalness is emphasized.

Stylish technological designer stairs

Designers never tire of experimenting and improving floating staircase designs. This time, the interior presents another solution of such a plan with a steep, almost invisible fence.

The steps seemed to be suspended in the air. Surrounded by an almost conceptual interior, products made of natural dark wood have become an element of coziness and comfort. At the same time, due to their original configuration and lightness, they fully correspond to the extraordinary situation of the future.

The fashionable design structure with curves has become a home decoration, its accent element. It clearly stands out in the interior against the background of natural materials. Looks like an innovative solution.

The creative curved designer staircase is a portal between two living areas – the upper and lower. Here the designer sought not to integrate it into the setting, but, on the contrary, to tear it out of the overall picture, placing a sharp emphasis on curved lines among rectilinear forms.