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Diagonal Layout of the House [180 м²] Diagonal Floor Plan

Unusual innovative concepts in architecture were embodied in the diagonal layout of the house, located on the top of Trivandrum Hill in India. This building is an ideal refuge for solitude lovers in a modern and unusual home.

Standing on top of a hill in a hot climate, you will need to raise your hand, protecting your eyes with your palm from the bright western sun. The prototype of such a “hand” was the oblique shape of the building structure. The architectural plan was to create a comfortable and cozy home for a young family.

Not only the geometric contours of the house, but also local natural materials are called upon to protect the residents of the house from extreme heat and direct sunlight. This reduces the cost of construction and at the same time organically fits the house into the natural landscape.

Clear lines of the diagonal layout of the facade create a feeling of a fantastic setting, and the combination of wood and aluminum sheets when decorating the external walls give the appearance of the house a finished look.

The location of the house among the lush greenery of the forest allows all family members to relax in a sheltered and secluded environment.

The rhythm and clarity of the facade lines are repeated in interior solutions. The unity of the texture of the finishing materials of the external walls and interior create a harmonious and comfortable living space, striking in its dynamism and spatial purity.

The sloping roof is repeated in the lines of the ceiling and walls and gives all the interior rooms a unique charm and a relaxed atmosphere. Simple furniture made from local wood gives the interior a touch of local flavor.

A decorative mosaic panel made of multi-colored porcelain fragments also serves for these purposes. The color variety of the decoration strip refreshes the gray concrete walls and creates a mood of serenity and tranquility.

Unusual diagonal layout of residential premises requires careful professional calculations. Due to the non-standard design, a large number of open terraces and balconies for the safety and security of residents, it is better to entrust the design of the house to a trusted architectural firm.

PhotoJino Sam, Siddharthan, Chirantan Khastgir, Akash Sharma, Sagar Kudtarkar