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Double Gable Roof Design

Double Gable Roof Design

Among the riot of grass and trees, the house’s gable roof’s exterior stands out from the surrounding landscape. Clear lines of the exterior and the simplicity of the structural solutions of the roof will attract, first of all, fans of traditional architecture.


Double Gable Roof is a standard construction solution, which is characterized by stability, simplicity and adaptability to any climatic zones. В данном случае двухскатная кровля является не только защитой дома от погодных катаклизмов, солнца и дождя, но и удачным дизайнерским решением.

Such a roof design expands the usable space of the home and allows you to place attic rooms on the roof, in which children prefer to settle. This will be their special, mysterious world because it is not for nothing that in the old days attics were preferred by creative natures: poets, writers, and artists.

From the windows of the attic to the eyes of young dreamers and dreamers a beautiful view of the surroundings opens. The best place to play, read books, think, and simply do nothing. The small size of the attic windows does not affect the illumination of the attic, but contributes to the creation of a special childhood atmosphere, hidden from the eyes of adults.

And what wonderful dreams the children will see when the starry sky looks out the window or the sound of raindrops is heard on the roof.


The location of the house with a double gable roof among green fields surrounded by small islands with trees makes this residential complex a convenient summer residence for the whole family. Here will be able to spend the summer months and all my days off with different generations: parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, and children. For everyone in the house, there is a favorite secluded place for classes to their liking.

In addition to the grace and simplicity of the exterior of the house with a double gable roof, there is a recreation area, which is located in the southern part of the building. The gentle sun’s rays warm the terrace from sunrise to sunset, and the natural landscape makes the vacation unforgettable. Trees on the opposite side protect the house from the cool northerly winds.

The simplicity and severity of the lines of the exterior of the house are softened by a young orchard and a small garden with greenery. This allows the hostess to fortify the daily menu for home without shopping. The solitude of the house will not emphasize detachment from the whole world: the kindergarten will grow and rise with the children, creating a safe and homely atmosphere.

The presence of a summer shower and a small wind turbine is another plus of this house with a gable roof for a family summer vacation. And the provided garage for two cars, an indoor parking lot, and a small workshop will delight the male half of the family because relaxation can be combined with your favorite hobby.

The maximum use of the area of the house makes it spacious and comfortable for living.

Architects DANANN
Photo BoysPlayNice