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Dynamic & Modern Single Storey House on an Open Plot

When building a house on a spacious, open area, it becomes possible to create dynamic spaces at the same level. This allows you to achieve high privacy of the premises in relation to each other and ensure the most close contact of all rooms with the natural environment. At the same time, you don’t even have to fence yourself off from your neighbors. A modern single storey house is in close contact with the landscape. Each living space gets a direct connection to the site.

Austere, laconic style and openness due to panoramic glazing into the floor made the object closely integrated into nature. And it was possible to emphasize this due to the smooth transition from living space to landscape. Spacious terraces around the building’s perimeter, patios and a garden infiltrating the architecture became the instrument for the realization of the idea.

Modern single storey house close to wildlife

The house is surrounded by the Gauja National Park in Latvia. Here nature has become the main and only neighbor of the owners of the property. It is with her that you have to find a common language. But thanks to the well-thought-out architecture of the building, due to which life proceeds not just in the house, but at the junction of nature and internal spaces, the residents liked this neighborhood.

The freshness of the meadow, the smell of the forest, the noise of the foliage penetrate the house, saturating it with a special, light atmosphere. Good-neighborliness with the environment, friendly interaction between man and nature are emphasized. Architecture has not become the dominant element here. She neatly joined the landscape, honoring the rules of the national park.

Architects and landscape designers got rid of the urbanity of the object. Even concrete and metal structures are harmoniously played here in nature.

The seclusion and locality of a modern single storey house

Thanks to the implementation of all spaces on the same level, it was possible to achieve the privacy of the site without a single section of the fence. The residential part of a modern one-storey house and outbuildings with a garage are erected separately. However, they are designed to create a cozy, secluded patio. Here, residents can enjoy privacy, but at the same time they are not closed by nature with fences or other structures.

And thanks to the panoramic glazing, it was possible to achieve close contact of the housing with a secluded green courtyard, a garden. At the same time, the inner part of the living space is not displayed. Large windows ensure the integration of spaces with the landscape.

For those who wish to experience the vastness of the vastness, there is also a terrace on the outside. The exit from the living room is made here. The social zone of a modern one-story house surrounded by a park is open towards the panorama of the park. The architects have achieved a balance of privacy, comfort and openness to enjoy the majestic nature.

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