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Eco Friendly Modern Farmhouse Project with Wooden Facade

Traditional materials never cease to go out of fashion. Wood, stone are actively used in the construction of ultra-modern housing. In addition to materials, traditional construction technologies are also becoming trendy. This means that housing is built in accordance with the principles of classical village buildings. Designed by architects De Matos Ryan, this wooden-fronted modern farmhouse is a modest rustic home with an emphasis on simplicity, the ordinary, and comfort.

The main message in the construction of such housing is to achieve that authentic environment with a touch of rural spirit, romanticism, freedom and closeness to nature. The object consists of the main house and additional buildings, rooms where guests can stay.

The atmosphere of home comfort at the heart of the project of a modern farmhouse with a wooden facade

In the updated technological world, more and more people want to escape from the industrial environment and find themselves in a comfortable, cozy environment created by nature itself. This becomes possible with the project of a modern farmhouse with a wooden facade surrounded by a meadow, planting on the outskirts of a small British town.

The owners received several small separate buildings with bedrooms, social areas, utility rooms, utility rooms, guest houses that can be rented out. All buildings were erected in accordance with traditions and resemble agricultural buildings, barns.

A special atmosphere is created here due to the surface finish with natural wood, structures left in sight, including supports, beams, trusses. This technique allowed to achieve a unique color and comfort. The place was created for rest and recovery from the city hustle and bustle. The situation in the house and in the yard is completely predisposed to calm, unhurried, quiet leisure, games with children, meetings with friends.

The balance of simplicity and showiness in the design of a modern farmhouse with a wooden facade

The object has become an example of the fact that modern architecture does not seek to chase after pathos, luxury, and high cost. Real values are hidden in simplicity, cosiness, comfort. At the same time, the laconic, strict design of the rural house corresponds to new trends and directions.

The object is completely environmentally friendly, safe. The bulk of structures and surfaces are made of natural materials, which also affects the favorable environment. An elementary roof made of galvanized corrugated sheets helps to emphasize simplicity and color.

A simple, concise project of a modern farmhouse with a wooden facade impresses with its atmosphere and color. Here you can directly feel the spirit of life in a calm, rural environment, which it was dozens and even hundreds of years ago.

ArchitectsDe Matos Ryan