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Exciting & Simple Courtyard Designs

Functionality, practicality, and conciseness are considered the main features of modern landscape design. A simple courtyard design reflects these principles. But at the same time, it should not be empty or boring.

Let’s consider a few examples of how landscape designers and architects managed to achieve showiness and self-sufficiency that are elementary in the context of decorating adjoining plots.

Modern laconicism in a simple courtyard design

In the presented project, they abandoned complex shapes, structures, lush landscaping, paths, walkways, and gazebos. At the same time, there is a full-fledged luxury outdoor recreation area by the pool. Everything is done in minimalism. The shapes are simple. But the territory does not look gray and boring, since a lawn with trees begins immediately behind the adjacent recreation area. They dilute the atmosphere, which looks lively and colorful.

In the next project, the emphasis is again on minimalism. The compact territory is designed as simply and concisely as possible. At the same time, it is revived by a rich green lawn with a tree. Against the backdrop of a house in white and a blue pool, this solution looks impressive.

Concrete as the basis for a simple yard idea

In the context of implementation, such a solution cannot be called simple. But in terms of appearance and design, elementary was achieved here. There are only basic elements on the territory, and the lawn has become the central link here. With views of the lush, rich green landscape, the simple design of the courtyard contrasts and stands out from the environment, but does not dictate the rules here, but adapts to them.

The next solution implies a concreted area on which the main adjacent areas with a pool are located. Against the backdrop of impressive nature, designers and architects did not focus on landscape design, since the main aesthetic pleasure here is from nature outside. Therefore, near the house, the main thing was to achieve comfort. And for this, it is enough to equip a solid, level, clean area.

Nature in a simple yard design

In contrast to the previous version, here the designers integrated nature directly into the adjacent territory. But they abandoned complex structures, and rich landscaping since nature creates the main natural beauty around without human intervention. Therefore, the task was to bring it as close as possible and create a smooth transition from the courtyard to the landscape.

The landscape designers went a little further in the next project. The simple design of the courtyard implies the introduction of wildlife almost into the architecture. In this case, the ideas of the two previous options are combined. The concrete platform is diluted with an oasis where a tree grows.

In this way, even the simplest yard design can look impressively dramatic. The main thing is to choose the right style and integrate solutions with the environment, then they will complement the spectacular landscape.