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Beautiful House with Exposed Concrete Facade

Firmly connected to the landscape, this project of a beautiful concrete house with exposed concrete facade on a plateau rises confidently above a wooded canyon and vineyard-lined valleys. The peculiarity of the villa was the absence of traditional external walls, instead of which we see a cellular structure, equipped according to the principle of frames.

Each frame frames a separate volume, a room. There is a loggia on three sides of the building inside the cellular structure. It replaces the terrace. There is access to this platform from any room on the second floor. Unlike the recreation areas below, in the courtyard, this space is distinguished by improved view qualities. The terrace offers a panorama to the horizon, forests, valleys. At the same time, unhindered contact with the landscape and fresh air is maintained.

Functionality of Exposed Concrete House Facade

The frame concrete structure in the form of cells on the facade provides maximum connection between the interior spaces and the environment. Due to the supporting frame shell, each room has contact with the street, receives high-quality lighting. At the same time, the cellular form on the facade plays the role of a buffer zone between living rooms and the street. The transition from living space to surroundings is smooth.

Cellular construction protects housing from the scorching California sun. In addition, it acts as a canopy over the lower part of the building, creating pleasant conditions for living and recreation there. There is a balance of openness and seclusion in the design of a beautiful house with exposed concrete facade.

Although the house is dominated by floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, the windows do not immediately face the street, but are installed deep into the frame. The solution looks reliable, comfortable. The inside of the house seems to be protected by a massive concrete skeleton from external factors. This plays a big role in the context of the comfort of life in a hot sunny climate.

The house does not have to hide from the sun behind curtains or blinds. The windows can be opened throughout the day, regardless of the intensity of the sunlight. And all this time, a comfortable atmosphere is maintained in the spaces.

Exposed Concrete Facade as an Element of Individualization

The external concrete frame has become an element of design and aesthetics of the house. Cells effectively highlight and frame each living room, space. At the same time, they are designed so that the pillars do not pass opposite the panoramic windows and do not interfere with the view. From the inside, the frame is almost invisible.

Outside, the frame structure in the house with exposed concrete facade creates the effect of rigor and majesty. Due to it, the house seems more massive, more expressive. Moreover, each frame element is designed to perform a particular function. And looking at the site, we see that the concrete shell of the building is closely related to landscape design. The pool, decorated in a similar style, is a continuation of the architecture of the house.

ArchitectsMork-Ulnes Architects
ImagesBruce Damonte