Extra Large Glass Windows after Restoration ➽ Stunning exterior shapes

Extra Large Glass Windows after Restoration ➽ Stunning exterior shapes

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The Museum Quarter of Amsterdam demonstrates excellent Dutch architecture. Creative design is manifested in a non-standard expression of the forms of exteriors, in which filigree models of buildings prevail. UNStudio studio worked on the restoration of the townhouse, in which residential apartments are located on the upper floors, and the store’s trading floor is on the lower level.


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To express elegance and fashion trends, architects took as a basis large windows after restoration. It is this part of the exterior of the building that creates the general perception of Dutch art. The shape of the glass structure resembles the developing sections of the dress. As well as textiles, large windows have curved lines, volumetric shapes, and transparent texture. Stacking from the top floor, three panels simulate bloating, the airiness of the entire panoramic glazing.

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This project combines and combines classic fashion with architecture. The mastery of conveying the geometry of the structure creates an aesthetics and functionality of the exterior. Passers-by can see the dynamics of the fashion industry, which reflects the social rhythm of the surrounding world.


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Individuality of the exterior is expressed in a three-window structure that runs along the entire wall. The designed design starts from the living quarters and extends along the height of the building to the tiled floor. Glass boxes are lined around with masonry, which emphasize the aesthetics of the architectural style. Box elements have a modular design, which consists of individual panels. Assembly was carried out directly on the facade.

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The basis of large windows is annealed glass with a low iron content. The bonding agent is silicone, which provides structural strength. The connection of each element is made using stainless steel profiles. Due to the brilliant texture of the material, a part of the curved shape of the windows is emphasized.

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Edges of the glass boxes are made of a steel frame that serves as a protective base. Visually, all elements look like a single whole, while not having a distinction in form. On the edges of the large windows on the facade after restoration are made in a symmetrical form, and the central part is in a mirror shape.


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Traditional panoramic glazing uses solid floor windows that are familiar to everyone. On the example of the project “Through the Looking Glass”, a new opportunity opens for working with glass. The silicone seam between the stainless steel profiles makes it possible to produce curved shapes. In this case, the steel profile prevents possible damage to the glass.

Advice! During the restoration and construction of a new facility, panoramic glazing should be preferred. Large windows are not only a fashionable aesthetic trend, but also a powerful source of daylight.

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Protruding glass boxes also allow you to play the role of natural light, absorbing the sun’s rays. The stylistics of such an exterior corresponds to the non-standard architecture of Amsterdam, where each building is the embodiment of creative skill. Modern technology, the development of industrial production gives a definite plus to architects.

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Designers and specialized designers can turn the old building exterior into an ultra-stylish composition. UNStudio Townhouse is fashion and architecture all rolled into one.

Architects UNStudio
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