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Functional Facade of a Two-Story Wooden House

On the picturesque Brazilian coast in Sao Paulo, there is a cozy two-story house overlooking the ocean. A feature of the project was the transforming facade of a two-story wooden house, behind which floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows are hidden. The enclosing structure is represented by sliding shutters made of wooden lamellas, through which light partially passes into the living spaces. Even in the closed position, through the windows you can admire the splendor of the ocean, but at the same time, the spaces themselves turn out to be qualitatively closed from external views.

At will, the shutters can be opened, getting an unobstructed view of tens of kilometers around. The glass windows themselves also act as doors. By opening them, a vast space is created, consisting of a living area and adjoining terraces, balconies, and recreation areas in front of the building.

The functional purpose of the facade of a two-story wooden house

The object had to fit harmoniously into the natural landscape. The use of wood was almost the only right decision in the midst of exotic nature with palm trees and dense forest. Due to the facade made of wood, the house is naturally introduced into the environment, without breaking out of the general concept of the environment.

The next function of the large opening shutters made of lamellas was the regulation of the microclimate in the house. They provide a moderate, dosed passage of sunlight. They are enough for high-quality lighting with an element of romance and exoticism. But at the same time, the sun does not bake the room. The tree itself holds back the heat, provides coolness and freshness inside.

The facade of a two-story wooden house has also become useful in the context of privacy. But if you want to get an uninterrupted view of the ocean, the structures can be opened. For the actual unification of internal and external spaces, panoramic windows can also be moved apart.

Aesthetics and spectacularity of the dynamic facade of a two-story wooden house

Sheathing with sliding slatted wooden panels is reflected in the aesthetics of the object. The building looks colorful, natural, safe and comfortable. At the same time, the design of the villa corresponds to the latest trends in architecture, meets the highest demands in the context of environmental friendliness and convenience.

Due to the contrasting dark color, the panels have become an accent element of the facade. The building stands out dynamically against a light, colorful background, while remaining part of an impressive exotic environment.

The functional and aesthetically perfect facade of a two-story wooden house became the main design of the villa with panoramic windows. Due to these structures, residents themselves can regulate the level of privacy, openness of living spaces, attach them to adjacent areas, terraces, or hide from external access, maintaining visual contact with the picturesque surroundings. It is practical, beautiful, modern, environmentally friendly and safe.

ArchitectsAMZ Arquitetos
ImagesPedro Napolitano Prata