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Modern Example of Exterior Shingle Siding

Exterior shingle siding is not among the most popular building materials. There is a misconception that the simplicity of this finishing wood is only suitable for equipping premises in an eco-style, for roofing or walls of utility rooms. Adherents of architectural innovations in the use of shingles, shingles, and spindles refute such an established opinion and expand the scope of these wood billets.

Wood is a typical material for the construction of farmsteads in the Swiss province of Midland, where the house is decorated with Exterior shingle siding, roof, and interior of interior. The construction complex is located at the top of the inclined section. The facade from various grades of shingles gives the building natural warmth and effortlessly blends into the countryside.

The load-bearing beams of the walls are made of beech, the eastern and western walls are lined with white spruce, and the northern and southern sides of the facade skillfully imitate scaly tiles. This allowed us to fully reveal the beauty of the texture of wood of different species and to emphasize the superiority of wood finishes.

Designers and designers managed to emphasize all the advantages of shingles as a finishing and roofing material:

  • environmental friendliness and natural beauty;
  • resistance to temperature changes, solar radiation, and precipitation;
  • excellent heat and sound insulation properties;
  • a variety of textures and colors;
  • the simplicity of installation and durability during operation.

Important! Natural wood exterior shingle siding require special impregnation. This helps to prevent rotting of the material, increases its service life. Special impregnating solutions also provide fire resistance of wood, safe living conditions in the room and are a mandatory requirement of the fire inspection.

The softness of the wooden facade smoothly flows into the interior. Simple layout lines complement the natural wood finish. The continuation of the design idea of “shingles for the facade” continues in the house’s interior decoration, starting with a spacious wooden loggia and ending with wooden design details.

The abundance of wood in all rooms is characterized by natural beech boards in the wall decoration, massive spruce beams on the ceilings, wooden window frames, doorways, furniture, and balcony fencing.

Naturally fit into the wooden interior and other natural materials: clay on the inner walls, cork inserts on the kitchen, floor, and countertops made of natural stone.

Sunlight freely penetrates all rooms through the continuous glazing of sliding doors and numerous windows. Stylized lamps made in a rustic style emphasize the warmth and homeliness of the design with a predominance of exterior shingle siding.

Shingles for the facade and interior design in the same style once again emphasize that the skillful use of even the most familiar and straightforward material can bring cleanliness, freshness, spaciousness, and homeliness to the appearance of the house.

Architects bernath+widmer
Photo Roland Bernath