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33+ Fashion Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

A competent approach to renovating the facade of even an old building allows you to turn it into an attractive country cottage. The most rational home exterior renovation ideas require minimal changes to the building configuration. Moreover, it is not always possible to implement panoramic windows, expand openings, change the location of the entrance due to the technical features of the object or the budget.

In this case, plaster, stucco molding, facade paneling, additional functional structures come to the rescue. If the building is old enough, you can emphasize its flavor, charm and tradition. It is not necessary to chase trendy solutions here, for example, minimalism.

Home exterior renovation ideas with stucco molding

Due to the stucco molding, even the initially boring facade of the building begins to play with new colors. And for this it can be used in small quantities. The main thing here is to achieve harmony and aesthetics. Thin, neat lines, cornices, compact decorative elements, brackets transform the cottage beyond recognition.

The facade itself needs to be restored. Additional finishing can be used. And stucco structures will add expressiveness to the entrance group, windows, and frame the facade itself.

Here, it is relevant to use stylization for the classics, especially since the old buildings are adapted for this – you will need to intervene in the configuration to a minimum. This idea of home renovation will emphasize its tradition. From a gaudy building, the building turns into an object of classical architecture, becoming a decoration of the site. Even a small country house looks in a new way, and a massive cottage can even be turned into an elite residence.

Home Exterior Renovation Ideas With Complementary Structures

Often old residential buildings are not functional enough in terms of the needs of the residents. There is little space for outdoor recreation, minimal interaction of the indoor space with the outdoor.

In this case, it makes sense to additionally build a terrace, awnings, make an exit to the recreation area from the kitchen, living room, using a window opening for arranging the passage.

The integration of the interior space with the natural environment is enhanced. The idea of renovating the exterior of the house will affect the functionality of the building, as residents have the opportunity to relax more in the fresh air. The building becomes more ergonomic, dynamic, and integrates into the environment.

Best Home Exterior Remodel Ideas

With the renewal of trends in housing design, the needs and requests of owners, the approach to solutions in the context of the design of building facades is changing. For cases when the external appearance of the cottage has lost its relevance, designers offer ideas for remodeling the exterior of the house. With their help, it is possible not only to bring the building into a form corresponding to modern trends, but also to expand the functionality of the object.

Thus, the object takes on a new look and becomes more comfortable for a new generation of families.

House exterior remodel ideas with a seating area

The main message in expanding the functionality of the cottage, which has lost its relevance, is aimed at increasing its interaction with the environment. A closed, localized home becomes friendlier to nature and the fresh air around. The transition from indoor to outdoor is dynamic and less abrupt.

To do this, as part of the alteration of the exterior of the house, new, expanded terraces are being built in it, interacting as much as possible with the landscape. This trend allows residents to relax in the fresh air, practically without leaving their abode.

Sheds are also erected on the facade, extending the adjoining recreation areas. On sites under the roof, you can spend time both on a hot sunny day and in cloudy weather.

Home Exterior Makeover Ideas With Decor

Stylish modern decor helps to give the cottage a new look. One of the most effective tools in this case is stucco molding. With its help, you can emphasize a certain style of the facade, expressively highlight the windows, entrance, cornices, pilasters and other structures.

Also, as part of the alteration, plaster, siding, brick cladding, wood, stone are used. In addition to improving aesthetics, the building receives new operational characteristics. It gets warmer, more energy efficient. Modern materials are resistant to external influences.

For alteration of the exterior of the cottage, natural, natural materials are often used. It is fashionable, practical, safe and comfortable. The house harmoniously blends into the surroundings in a new way, blends with nature and landscape. It becomes the center of a modern suburban area, attached to the forest, meadow.

Ideas for remodeling the exterior of a house are not just a way to update the appearance of a building, but also to make it more functional, more comfortable for a family. An outdated country house is being transformed into a new generation cottage.