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Fashion Rustic Wood House Design

As absurd as it may sound, simple rural life has become a luxury. Modern residents of the metropolis are increasingly buying or building small houses in the middle of untouched nature. At the same time, they are so eager not to disturb that peace and harmony that they prefer almost huts instead of spacious cottages. The presented rustic wood house design was an example of a case where the inhabitants of the city simply escaped from the concrete walls and plunged into rural life in the middle of the meadows.

This is an incredibly atmospheric and colorful house made of burnt wood, reminiscent of a hut on the outskirts of the forest. At the same time, the object is distinguished by comfort, a cozy atmosphere, and a stylish modern interior with an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Originality in the rustic wood house design

The creators of the project prioritized the atmosphere. Living here, the owners should feel in the most simple, rustic environment, but not at the expense of comfort. To do this, it was decided to work out the design of a cozy wooden house in a rustic style so that it resembles an agricultural building, housing ordinary peasants while having all the amenities.

For the construction of walls, and structures, the most affordable natural materials were used. To enhance the colorful atmosphere, during the construction they practically did not affect the site, leaving it in its original form. From the windows, we see not landscape design, but untouched meadows, virgin lands with herbs, ferns, bushes, trees, and stones that have lain here for thousands of years.

To connect with the picturesque nature, the house has panoramic windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are integrated into the design in such a way that they hardly affect the color of the object, but only enhance the contact with the beautiful landscape. Due to the wall cladding with boards both inside and outside the building, the building looks like an agricultural structure. But comfortable furniture, lots of light, openness, and modern design solutions help to strike a balance between simplicity and comfort.

Integrating the rustic wood house design into the landscape

The most important quality of traditional rural housing is the minimal impact on the landscape. This feature is traceable in the presented project. The house is adapted to the environment, so it seems that the building is an integral part of the view. To enjoy nature, you do not need to remove this architecture or move away from it. The landscape and the building look like a single organism, an ecosystem in which a person exists.

A powerful message for integrating the rustic wood house design into the landscape was its uncompromising sustainability. The building is completely made of natural materials typical for this area. At the same time, this trend applies not only to the external cladding of walls and roofs, but also to internal surfaces and furniture. Living space is no less closely connected with the natural landscape than the outer shell of the building and open terraces made of boards.

ImagesIsabel Delgado, Chris Falcony, Oscar Velasco