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Fashionable Wood House Exterior Design 2021

Wooden houses have long ceased to be associated with modest suburban housing, summer cottages, temporary huts, huts. Now these are luxurious, eco-friendly mansions, cottages and even entire residences, integrated as much as possible with nature. The very design of the exterior of the wooden house has also undergone incredible modernization. Such housing can fully comply with the latest trends.

Openness, panoramic structures, functionality and manufacturability have become the main trends in the construction of country cottages made of wood. Here nature, technology and innovative solutions are combined to achieve a common goal – to create comfortable conditions for human life.

Outdoor wooden house exterior design

The main idea of a wooden house is that it is natural and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it makes a special sense to build such cottages surrounded by nature, ensuring close interaction between the living space and the landscape.

The arrangement of large panoramic windows in the fashionable exterior design of a wooden house among natural landscapes has become almost a rule, and not just a recommendation. The social zone of housing should closely interact with the local area. And this interaction is realized through opening panoramic openings, spacious open terraces.

Sometimes the owners install shutters on the panoramic windows in order to increase the privacy of the building. In modern design, they are most often automated and opened using the smart home system.

Stylish exterior design of a wooden house is laconic

Although wood is ideal for creating patterns, carving, decor, in modern construction, all of this is abandoned. Natural material should look as natural as possible. This means that human intervention here should be minimal.

There is enough effectiveness here due to the play of textures, the use of glass, metal, stone and concrete along with wood. All of these materials complement each other to create a durable, comfortable living space.

The decoration of such a house becomes the tree itself without any patterns and drawings. The natural color of wood, its natural texture are harmoniously combined with the living nature around. There is no need to change the appearance of such a surface.

The spectacular wooden house exterior design in 2021 implies the use of wood with an emphasis on its naturalness, natural beauty. It is important to achieve straight, flat lines. The tendency to abandon the rounded timber brings the design of country cottages to a new level. Basically, in the external design of the building, boards, lamellas, panels are used.