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Flat Roof House with Panoramic Windows – 500 m² Geometric simplicity and limitless spaciousness

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Flat Roof House with Panoramic Windows
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Simple geometric shapes, regular lines and floor-to-ceiling glazing – these few words give a short and capacious characterization of a house with a flat roof and panoramic windows. This project refutes the established belief that simplicity is not synonymous with originality.

skillful use of the landscape of the site in this project

The architectural complex, consisting of two buildings, is located in the highlands of central Hungary. Along the nearby hills lie hiking trails to places of mass bird nesting, and beautiful views of the green gentle slopes come off from the hills.

You can contemplate these unique landscapes from anywhere in the building thanks to panoramic windows. The complex was built almost at the top of the hill, which makes the review as complete as possible. The heavenly blue and mountain landscapes create a feeling of limitless spaciousness and openness.

Even the gray shades of the exterior facade do not contradict a single architectural idea: to create a natural unity of the landscape and the environment. A large number of panoramic windows creates a romantic mood in the evening hours and fills the rooms with sunlight during the day.

The preserved natural vegetation along the entire perimeter of the site enhances the sense of unity with nature. Trees, bushes, and green grassland echo the green surroundings of the surrounding hills. A panoramic glazing allows residents of the house to feel alone with nature, even while inside the building.

The flat roof of the building allows you to equip open areas and balconies for privacy and outdoor recreation away from the bustle of the city. The noble gray colors of the finishing materials create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, in harmony with the mountain landscape and high skies.

interior mood and panoramic glazing

The house with a flat roof and panoramic windows is a cozy and comfortable home for all generations of the family. An abundance of light and a feeling of freedom migrate from the hilly surrounding landscapes into the interior of the building, filling the rooms with homely warmth and comfort. The main role in this is played by floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

Thanks to the continuous glazing of the openings of the first floor and the use of light colors in the interior, the rooms attract with their virgin purity and immense light. Green spaces looking into the windows smooth out the color uniformity and look like a natural design element.

Against the background of snow-white walls and wooden furniture, the panoramic window is perceived as an artistic canvas with the image of green trees.

Specialist advice. Use panoramic front windows should be careful. It is necessary to take into account the climatic environmental conditions, the purpose of the room and the remoteness of the building from nearby houses. Otherwise, creating a secluded and calm environment in a room with solid glazing will require blinds or blackout curtains.

When designing a house with a flat roof and panoramic windows, the location of bedrooms and lounges for guests on the upper floors is provided, where window openings are located in the upper part of the walls and do not interfere with a separate and intimate atmosphere.

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