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Frame Extension to a Wooden House / Modernization of an Old Housing into a Modern Cottage

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The architect Carlos Castaneira presented the best option for transforming the simplest rural housing into a modern cottage. The solution was a functional frame extension to the wooden house. It has equipped open social spaces and a master bedroom with panoramic windows. The old house has become an additional part of the trendy, modern housing.

frame extension to a wooden house

This idea arose against the background of transforming a cramped, outdated house into modern ergonomic housing, but not rebuilding it, not adding floors. This would entail additional work to strengthen the foundation, load-bearing structures, and build a new roof. You would have to practically rebuild the facility. But if the house is in good condition or has value for the owners – a family property that has been passed down from generation to generation, then rebuilding is simply impractical.

Minimum interference with the existing structure

The frame extension to the wooden house was built almost independently of the building itself, therefore, during its construction, the existing housing was not touched. It was still possible to live in it while the new part was being built.

In addition, there was no need to interfere with the supporting structures of the old house, to strengthen the foundation. The new addition to the wooden house is distinguished by its low weight due to frame technology. It was installed on a columnar foundation. It also minimized interference with the local area directly next to the house. This design will not pull the existing structure during shrinkage.

Harmony of modernity and tradition

The frame extension to the wooden house became the main part of the cottage. A spacious living room with panoramic windows and a spacious corner terrace, a bedroom of the owners with glazing to the floor was placed here. The house itself is now reserved for bedrooms for other family members, utility and utility rooms, and a kitchen. This technique allowed us to optimize the space, to achieve a clear distinction between private and social premises.

The layout of the old house has remained classic, while the new part is in line with the latest trends in design and architecture. There are open spaces, a minimum of load-bearing structures, floor-to-ceiling windows and an adjacent recreation area integrated with the housing.

In order to implement modern solutions in an old house, it will practically have to be rebuilt, and some ideas, such as panoramic glazing over the entire wall, simply cannot be implemented technically. Therefore, a frame extension to a wooden house will be the best way to modernize a nondescript home and make a modern cottage out of it.

ArchitectsCarlos Castanheira
PhotoFernando Guerra | FG+SG