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Frame House Interior Design – 205 m² of visually enlarged space in a studio house

Frame housing construction has long taken a leading place in construction. The simplicity of housing technology and maximum energy efficiency yielded results and won the attention of clients of architectural companies. Such customers contacted Maria Milans Studio. Their desire was to build green housing in Clarville (USA), inconspicuous on the outside, but luxurious on the inside. So the House Studio Camp O project was born. And its main highlight is the striking design of the frame house inside.

atypical frame house design techniques inside

The outside of the house looks like a box lined with cedar mesh. Special technology of carbonization of natural material allows you to reliably protect the coating from the effects of precipitation. Climatic features determined the shape, angle of the roof and decoration materials at home. The project looks at several original techniques for organizing the design inside and outside the frame house.

material – wood and concrete

Frame house has the opposite texture of the material in the interior and exterior. For the facade, this is dark processed wood, and for the interior, the rainbow texture of cedar beams. Concrete slabs were used for the retaining wall, which preserved the naturalness of the surface without any processing.

window layout

Another feature of the project – large windows, opposite located in the house. To ensure maximum sunlight, cross-glazing of large windows on the principle of “east-west”. Thus, the housing is provided with natural light, ventilation, minimizing energy consumption.

sloping roof

Since the house is located on a forest hill, it is constantly exposed to wind loads. The slope of the roof allows you to withstand climatic influences, creating a comfortable environment indoors.

Eco-friendly design

The internal layout of the frame house is fully consistent with the style of “studio”. Going inside, it seems that the living area is not 205 square meters, but all 500. This effect is obtained due to the absence of partitions, ceilings. The second floor was not designed through the entire space of the living room, dining room and kitchen, but shifted to one western side.

The design of the studio project is made in natural decoration, decor, furniture. The wood texture has different shades, passing from darker on the ceiling to the light tone of the stairs. The bedrooms, bathroom, living room are decorated in the same style – white walls and natural finishes. Wood is used in separate areas – windows, ceiling, wooden columns. I would like to pay special attention to solid open shelves that are located opposite each other. Here are books, photographs, work tools.

The whole house is saturated with love for nature, among which it is built. The choice of layout in the form of a studio effectively fit into the housing. The recreation area, workspace are in the open air, where sunlight and beautiful landscapes from the window reign. The inspired design of the frame house inside allowed to create a modern style of a studio type.

Architects Maria Milans Studio 
Photo Montse Zamorano