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Frame House with Panoramic Windows – 270 m² of Comfort and Expanse

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The frame house with panoramic windows is tied to a favorite spot for rafting and tubing in the US state of Texas – the Guadalupe River Valley. The natural background for this building is a winding riverbed and green coastal landscape.

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On a long narrow stretch of land, on one side bordering a country road, and on the other with a coastline, the architects managed to create the perfect vacation spot for a large family. The frame house is comfortably located among perennial cypress trees that descend along the slope to the riverbed and create a secluded and calm atmosphere in the courtyard and in the interior.

The main point of designing a frame house was the protection of residents from possible floods. Although the speed of the river is regulated by the dam located above, but the water level in the river can rise up to 4 meters. To this end, the building is located on the highest point of the land, and structural elements are designed to withstand seasonal flooding.

In the understanding of uninformed inhabitants, the frame building is a faceless building that does not differ in originality. The design of this frame house with panoramic windows refutes this wrong judgment. Atypical design solutions give the entire building ensemble a special charm and personality.

Strong metal structures provide the room with reliability and strength, wooden finishing materials – home warmth and comfort. Spacious balconies and open verandas open the eyes of the owners and guests beautiful natural landscapes, and reliable openwork metal fences provide a safe space for the smallest members of the family.

Interesting observation! Panoramic glazing of window openings gives the whole frame house a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. In the daytime, large panoramic windows provide all rooms with sunlight, and in the evening and at night they allow you to observe the twilight landscapes of the coastal forest.

Structurally, the frame house is a complex and spacious dwelling, consisting of several rectangular shapes with a view of the river and the natural park area. The common area, private bedrooms and apartments are connected by a system of flights of stairs, covered walkways and balconies.

Thanks to the panoramic windows, the living room has become an open space for light and fresh air framed by green cypress branches. Light colors in the interior of the premises and the natural shades of wooden furniture became the highlight in the design of the rooms, giving the space a sense of weightlessness and infinity.

The kitchen area with snow-white furniture matching the ceiling and walls does not fall out of the general design idea. Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and front upper window openings provide adequate ventilation for rooms on hot summer days.

The equipment of bedrooms for children and adults has something in common with the wooden trim of the facade of the frame house with panoramic windows. Lamels made of wood for furniture and walls make calm notes, create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Architects Low Design Office
Photo Casey DunnLeonid Furmansky