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[ Frameless Windows & Glazing ] = Modern Design + Maximum Light and Heat

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Until recently, frameless glazing technology was used exclusively in the design of office, industrial, and commercial buildings. But the boldness of architectural thinking and the emergence of modern materials have allowed to expand the scope of this glazing method for housing construction.

frameless windows – design features and technological advantages

The popularity of frameless glazing during the construction of houses is due to its wide operational capabilities. With external simplicity and apparent unreliability, this system has a sufficient degree of mechanical strength and endurance. The casement and guide profiles, racks and rollers used during installation withstand wind and static loads of up to 250 kg / sq. m

Frameless glass surfaces of the facade give the building a modern and unique appearance. Such a cottage will not go unnoticed among the same type of development of the suburban area. Through panoramic windows without longitudinal and transverse partitions, amazing views of the nearby green surroundings open, and all interior spaces have maximum access to sunlight and fresh air.

Sophisticated design solutions make it possible to fully open all the windows, thereby creating a unity of external and internal space.

Frameless glass facades will serve for a long time and without failure if you order them from reliable and trusted suppliers. Reliability and durability of the structure directly depends on the quality of tempered glass, fittings, fasteners, gaskets. In addition, professionals will familiarize you with the rules of operation and maintenance of panoramic glazing without frames.

Planning the interior of a frameless glazed house

Planning the interior space of a house with frameless glazing has its own nuances dictated by open spaces and the need to give the frame safety and stability. This is especially true for houses of irregular polygonal design. The hexagonal glass mansion on the outskirts of Zurich has one distinctive feature: a single internal curved wall.

The design of the internal partition divides the two-story cottage into two halves and performs several functions. In addition to its structural purpose, it serves as a supporting wall, and thanks to bends and turns it divides the space into functional zones. Thanks only to this single internal wall, the house is divided into two identical living spaces for two families.

The simplicity of the architectural concept gives rise to the complexity of the interior. All rooms acquire their own character due to irregular geometric shapes. The connecting link between all the rooms is the staircase, which has a no less original and non-standard design.

Each floor consists of one long room, with which a feeling of spaciousness and an abundance of light provides frameless glazing.

ArchitectsChristian Kerez
PhotoWalter Mair