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Beautiful Glass Cubic Hillside House Project

The presented object does not look like a traditional suburban housing, neither in form, nor in configuration, nor in design. The project of a beautiful glass cubic house with panoramic windows resembles a piece of graphite and is made in the appropriate color, and the glazing creates a characteristic reflection. He, like a stone, confidently and majestically lies at the top of the slope.

The extraordinary house is divided into two volumes. One of them is focused on contact with the nearby landscape, nature on the site, and the second one quickly takes the residents into the distance, opening up incredible views of the horizons.

Impressive stylization of a beautiful glass cubic house

The owners wanted to get something unusual, creative, modern and even more comfortable than traditional suburban housing. The architects proposed to follow natural trends and created a stone-like volume with a complex of spaces and panoramic windows.

The building is stylized as a large piece of rock, the main part of which is directed towards the sea. There is not the slightest resemblance to traditional architecture, familiar country houses. An object with broken lines looks expressive and unusual at the top of the slope. At the same time, it successfully takes root in a romantic environment.

The alternation of matte and glossy surfaces is reflected in the showiness, attractiveness of the cottage. Despite the roughness of the facade, it looks easy due to the large panoramic windows that open up the internal volumes.

Part of the structure of the house hangs over the site, due to which it even more looks not like an ordinary building, but like an object lying on the surface, such as stone, cobblestone. An entrance is made under this part of the structure, so it remains as invisible as possible. A door on the facade in this style would not be useful in the context of aesthetics.

The art of glazing in the project of a glass cube house with panoramic windows

The glazing in the project of a beautiful cubic house with panoramic windows is designed so that from the social spaces on the lower level there is a view and access to a cozy backyard, and from the upper level there is an unobstructed view towards the sea. It was the views that were the main wish for the future object.

To achieve maximum view perspectives, the building has corner glazing. Due to this, the rooms offer an almost circular view. Here you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrises, sunsets with millions of flowers over the surface of the water. You literally plunge into the landscape. The romantic atmosphere penetrates the house and is enhanced by pleasant warm lighting, soft, cozy materials in furniture and cladding.

The unique project of a beautiful glass cube house with panoramic windows is a refuge for a young couple who strive to break out of the routine and everyday life. It is impossible to come up with a more successful, balanced solution for connoisseurs of romance, comfort, luxurious panoramas and atmosphere.

ImagesNico Saieh