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Glass Facade House Design – 650 m² of sparkle, spaciousness and elegant modernity

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Modern glazing systems give the house with a glass facade an aesthetic and ultra-modern appearance. For a typical residential development in Singapore’s countryside, an architectural ensemble with brilliant panoramic windows and unusual shapes has become a real business card.

House with Glass Facade
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glass facade magic – a successful solution for extravagant and extraordinary personalities

A holistic perception of the building and the landscape of the site is achieved by successful architectural solutions. Complex relief bends of the area were not an obstacle to the embodiment of all design innovations. The house blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, giving the perennial green spaces a shade of mystery and cosmic mystery. The glass walls of the home allow its owners to enjoy the sunshine and the whisper of foliage daily.

The pointed construction of the cantilever floor of the house with a glass facade, directed to the heavenly heights, emphasizes the original shape and elevation of the building. The windows of the upper rooms are open to the warm rays of the sun and the fresh breath of wind, and picturesque green views appear in front of the owners and guests of the house.

Fundamental and reliable reinforced concrete structures provide security to the interior of the courtyard. The gray concrete and the blueness of the pool water create a calm atmosphere for solitude. On a hot summer day, centuries-old trees around the house will create a cool shadow on the site.

Solid glass windows and doors open onto open terraces shaded by natural vegetation. This unity of the green landscape and the concrete-glass creation of architecture creates a feeling of lightness and naturalness not only in the external appearance of the house, but also in the design of the interior space.

house with a glass facade – openness and spatial purity of internal design

Panoramic glazing of the house is used not only on facade walls, but also on internal vertical surfaces. This glazing gives a sense of limitless space, and the dense green spaces give the impression of being on a green lawn, rather than in a living room.

Front glazing provides all rooms with plenty of natural light and adequate cross ventilation, which is simply necessary for a hot climate. The advantages of panoramic windows emphasize the polished surface of the floor and furniture, which reflect the sun’s glare and make the rooms sparkle with new colors.

The transparent fencing of passages and flights of stairs continues the unified glass solution of the exterior and interior. Gray noble shades of the external walls are repeated in the design of all interior rooms of the house. This gives the premises not only openness, but also comfort and tranquility.

Specialist advice. Designing buildings in sloping terrain requires unusual approaches. Glazing of facades can become the factor that will become a special feature of the cottage on the top of the hill. A house with a glass facade can become the embodiment in glass and concrete of your inner desire for space and openness.

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Photo Derek Swalwell