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Glass House Exterior 📢 Elegance and chic of glass and metal

modern glass house

The sparkling and transparent glass exterior of the house, used for the first time by German architects in the second half of the 20th century, is now confidently gaining ground from traditional building decoration methods.

The expression “My home is my fortress” in the modern world is losing its relevance, not only in the sense of reliability and security, but in the sense of the bulkiness and fundamental nature of buildings.

glass wall house

For all their apparent fragility and fragility, glass exteriors meet all safety and durability requirements. The number of those people who relate to glazed architectural objects with distrust and fear is gradually decreasing. The positive performance and durability of glass exteriors speak for themselves.

small glass house


Engineering and technical difficulties in the implementation of projects for the glass exterior of the building do not become an obstacle to their wider distribution. Houses with glass facades grow like mushrooms after rain. The sources of such popularity are the undoubted advantages of modern glass exteriors.

Aesthetic perfection of the glass facade does not leave anyone indifferent. The glass grace of the exterior not only emphasizes the peculiarity and modernity of the building, but also brings a touch of modernism to the outside world. A street with a building on it with a glass facade will never look ordinary and gray.

glass house in the woods

Very serious technical properties of glass exteriors ensure their reliability and safety of operation. During the implementation of this project, a combined glazing system with the use of supporting high-quality metal structures was used. For many decades, such facades will not lose their strength and a presentable, brilliant appearance: it is enough to wash glass surfaces a couple of times a year – and the house will again shine and delight its residents.

glass front house

When glazing the exteriors of buildings, monoglass, triplex, double-glazed windows or glass laminated with a polymer film are used. High rates of energy saving. All of them have extreme resistance to mechanical stress and high rates of heat conservation.

Please note: all these types of glazing do not fly into small fragments with very strong impacts and are therefore safe to use.

Large glazed surfaces make it possible to achieve maximum natural light exposure in all indoor spaces. This visually increases the area of the rooms, and also saves electrical energy, which is also important from an economic point of view.


steel and glass house

Any natural landscape and site of any configuration can decorate the glass facade of the house. Its originality and originality will fit into a forest or hilly terrain, into the green expanses of fields or the ascetic sweep of the semi-desert.

glass garden house

To equip the courtyard of the house with a glass exterior, it is enough to carry out all the additional buildings and equipment of the recreation area in the same style as the unusual brickwork of the bearing walls. The entire construction complex will look like a continuation and addition of the architectural solution of the house.

beautiful glass houses

If you want to emphasize your individuality and a non-standard way of thinking, then the glass exterior of the house will help you with this. This house completely echoes your inner qualities: love of freedom, openness and wide scope of the soul.

Architects Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Area626.0 m2
Photo Matthew MillmanJoe Fletcher