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Glazing of a Modern House From Rakta Studio

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What are the advantages of glazing a modern house with panoramic windows on the floor, and how to position them correctly – the Rakta Studio project.

Glazing of a Modern House
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The architectural bureau Rakta Studio presented a modern cottage in the styles of minimalism and high-tech. Feature of the project in a large area of glazing. Almost every room has panoramic windows on the floor – this is a trend in private housing construction, which contributes to high-quality lighting, good species characteristics, attractiveness and spaciousness of the living space.

The glazing of a modern house from Rakta Studio is a well-designed glass structure that provides a balance between privacy and openness of housing.

Consider the features of using floor windows in the presented project.

unique appearance of the glazing of a modern house

Glass harmoniously looks with concrete and natural materials – wood, metal. This combination is clearly visible in the project. At first glance, the fragile, thinned forms are framed by strong, reliable structures. Thanks to this combination, the house looks light, bright, but at the same time reliable as a fortress.

All windows and concrete structures are made in accordance with modern trends – straight lines, lack of decor, play of colors and textures. The peculiarity of the glazing of a modern house is that the lower floor is almost completely finished with glass, and the upper level with concrete structures seems to be standing on this glass frame. In fact, it relies on a monolithic structure that transfers the load to the foundation. But due to thoughtful design, reinforced concrete support elements remained almost invisible.

projects of modern houses with panoramic glazing – maximum glass in social areas

There was no sense in closing the living room, dining room, and kitchen with external walls. Firstly, these are social spaces, which, in principle, need not be hidden. Secondly, these premises are located on the ground floor, and it is hidden from view from the outside by the fence of the site.

Due to this, the glazing of a modern house, it was decided to make almost through. On all sides, the social space is surrounded by glass windows on the floor. A sufficient amount of light falls here throughout the day, as the sun shines through the room both from sunrise and sunset.

The second light in the house is also made completely glass from the floor to the ceiling of the upper floor. Due to this, the space has received special lightness and looks even more spacious. Outside, this part of the house is almost transparent. In front of the living room with a second light, a pool with a terrace is made – the main social zone in the house borders on the main resting place on the territory. Due to the panoramic glazing there are practically no borders between them. It is convenient during family vacations, parties, games with children and in other similar situations.

attractive interior viewed from the outside

A unique architectural element of the building was a swirling staircase. It is not only functional, but also one of the main aesthetic designs. It was specially made visible from the outside. For this, the second light around it is also made entirely of glass. The staircase is viewed both from the street and from the yard.

At the same time, bedrooms, children’s rooms, although they have panoramic glazing – they are not visible to outsiders. The windows deepened in the construction of the house are located behind terraces and balconies. And to achieve even greater privacy, curtains were used here.

Glazing in a modern house from Rakta Studio has become the main tool for organizing space. Due to the competent arrangement of the windows, the housing turned out to be light, bright and spacious.

Architects Rakta Studio
Photo Mario Wibowo Photography