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Ground Floor of a Two-Storey House – Miniature does not always mean cramped and uncomfortable

An excellent example of architects addressing the challenges of our time is the first floor of this two-story building. The maximum use of living space and a small plot in a close urban development is a task that many developers and designers are faced with resolving.

a small plot and an original solution to the plan of the first floor of a two-story house

When designing this two-story house for a young family on the shores of the Aegean Sea, the concept of creating a convenient and comfortable space for residents in the courtyard and in the living rooms was taken as the basis. The cottage is divided into two spatial rooms of various sizes and design decisions.

A white gable roof and concrete floor between the floors make the spacious ground floor stand out. Openness to these rooms is provided by sliding glass doorways that blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside.

Above the first floor, a white weightless building hovers, as it were, the base for which are four steel beams. Snow-white floor slabs form a canopy that protects the ground floor from the excessive heat of the midday sun. They create such a welcome shadow for the summer playground, which feels like a “room” in the open. Here you can have lunch, play board games, and have a youth party.

Successful structural elements of the fence and walls of the first floor of a two-story house create a confidential and comfortable environment for the yard, green lawn, pool and interior. Everything that happens on the first floor of the building is hidden from the eyes of neighbors.

the project of the first floor of a two-story house, as a continuation of the open summer ground

The abundance of sun and space, combined with the elegance of reinforced concrete structures and the radiance of glass – these words best characterize not only the first floor of a two-story house, but the adjoining courtyard. The common color scheme and panoramic glazing contribute to the fact that the border between the premises of the first floor and the courtyard is not felt.

layout of the first floor of a two-story house

This unity pushes the boundaries of a small space and introduces spatial constructivism and ease of sensations into the house. It was the spontaneity and extraordinary grace inherent in youth that the architects succeeded in translating into architects in metal and concrete.

Diverse texture materials emphasize the architectural designs. The strictness of the steel structures and the pristine cleanliness of the walls contrast with the flooring and courtyard paths of marble chips in gray-black colors. Elegance and unique style can be seen in the entire decoration of the house: from the exterior and appearance to the interior of the interior.

Worth considering! Do you want to have the same snow-white spectacular house that will be a reliable haven in the boundless sea of life? Contact a trusted company with qualified designers and designers – and a compact cottage with the original ground floor of a two-story house will make your dream of home comfort and comfort come true.

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Photo Yiorgis Yerolymbos