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Half Concrete Half Wood House Design

The industrialization of all aspects of life leaves its mark on architectural design ideas. Concrete and wood design embodies the successful combination of cool gray concrete structures and the natural warmth of wooden surfaces.

half wood half concrete houses

Half concrete half wood house 👉 harmony between the creations of nature and the work of human hands

Most often, the combination of concrete and wood is used in the loft, modern and grunge styles, although such unusual combinations are successfully used in other architectural directions. Cold, unfriendly concrete is not always suitable for living quarters. Therefore, it is balanced by wooden elements, from which it blows homely warmth and comfort. Such symbiosis makes both materials easier for visual perception.

The concrete base of the building facade emphasizes the fundamental and reliable structure. A rich color palette and a variety of textures of wooden wall decoration successfully resonate with the natural environment. The contrast between concrete and wood is not something inconsistent in this design. It only emphasizes the harmony between nature and architectural forms.

The simplicity of the construction lines is complemented by the preserved natural vegetation on the site and unforgettable landscapes opening from the windows, balconies and summer areas of the architectural ensemble.

The project includes a main house, a garage, a guest house, a sauna and a small boat marina. Concrete and wood made in a single design with maximum preservation of natural vegetation, this building complex impresses with its sophisticated and finished look.

House design half cement half wood 👉 Non-trivial solution for the interior

Concrete abundance in the interior should be used metered and moderately, so that the room is not perceived as cold and uncomfortable. The combination of concrete with wooden elements and bright interior details allows to soften this perception. In this case, contrasting elements and an unusual hanging fireplace, emphasizing home cosiness and room comfort, are important.

The architectural solution provides for a gallery arrangement of rooms. All rooms are united by a common covered terrace, which can be accessed from any room. Through sliding panoramic windows, an unforgettable view of the lake opens, which softens the concretewooden interior.

The opposite side of the corridor has become a gallery of modern art. The paintings look advantageous on the gray concrete wall, and panoramic windows are perceived as part of the art exhibition. Concrete frame, wooden flooring and art gallery – a combination that made modern and creative design out of seemingly incompatible details.

дизайн ванны бетон и дерево

Concrete surfaces for harmonious visual perception require the proper organization of room lighting. With a lack of light, the room will look dull and bleak, and no design objects will save the situation. But excessively bright lamps will deprive the interior of extravagance and special charm.

Design in concrete and wood is firmly gaining its place among architectural innovations due to its wide possibilities in terms of variability, multifunctionality, unusualness and uniqueness.

Architects Zun Architecture and Design
Photo Ilya Ivanov 

Luxury House Design with Wood & Concrete Exterior

Impressively beautiful two-story villa fits into the tropical landscape. The exotic appearance of the house with its wood and concrete exterior is exquisite and stands out from the surroundings.

The object provides for close integration of the cottage with the site. The U-shaped house envelops a small green private courtyard with a swimming pool. Open-air areas are in direct contact with housing, creating a dynamic environment for living, recreation and leisure.

Clever Configuration In House Design With Wood & Concrete Exterior

The villa provides social and private spaces. The main public areas, including the living room, kitchen, dining room are located on the top floor. This arrangement is due to the fact that in the social spaces of the design of a house with an exterior of wood and concrete, they wanted to make the highest quality views from a higher point.

Here, on the second level, open terraces are provided, from which panoramas of the surroundings open. In addition, the house has an external staircase connecting the outdoor recreation areas on the second level with the pool.

Private rooms are designed on the first level. They are hidden from outside access and face a secluded backyard. Due to this approach to the design of spaces, it was possible to make social zones viewable and as open as possible, and bedrooms – cozy, outwardly inaccessible.

The house has two terraces at the level of the second floor. They are located on different sides of the building, due to which they remain sufficiently qualitatively separated from each other. This allows residents to simultaneously relax in the fresh air both together and separately.

Breathtaking Wood & Concrete Exterior House Design

In the architecture of the building, there is a connection with the land, the site. This was achieved through the appropriate design of the lower level. The top floor is more integrated with the surroundings through wood cladding.

Illumination of wooden structures helps to focus on them. Due to the soft, warm light, the feeling of comfort and coziness is enhanced. In the evening, the villa attracts even more attention. Illuminated contours add lightness and create the effect of structures floating in the air.

Spectacular landscaping with a green lawn, palm trees, shrubs enliven the object. Even being behind a high fence, residents feel surrounded by picturesque exotic nature. And if you go up to the second floor, the connection with nature goes to a new level, as panoramas open up to the meadows and forests around.

A beautiful design of a house with an exterior made of wood and concrete is a complex of functional zones, spaces, volumes, each of which is maximally aimed at performing a particular task. Terraces give views, a sense of freedom, bedrooms are designed for a cozy, private rest, social spaces allow you to enjoy the connection of architecture with the environment.

ArchitectsAxial Studio
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