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Modern House In The Hangar

Hangar House

Eco-friendly buildings are no longer a novelty in the construction industry. Architects are trying to use a unique combination of economic activity and comfortable living conditions. Seeing the ranch designed by Richter Dal Roch & Associés, it is impossible to say unequivocally that this is a sheep breeding farm. The stylish exterior and interior decoration of the premises made it possible to turn the old building into a modern house in the hangar.


Buildings that resemble hangars are attractive in that, without much effort and complexity of the project, they attract their heat. For the heirs of the Scottish family, the renewal of the work of their ancestors became an important mission. The farm building is divided into several zones:

  • Sheep for raising and shearing sheep;
  • Garage for appliances;
  • The room for working personnel;
  • Family home.

Having built new buildings and restored old, loose buildings, the house hangar became a single complex. The eco-project is based on the introduction of solar panels that fully satisfy the needs of residents.


The architectural idea was embodied in a combination of warm wood and the rigor of corrugated iron. The facade and roof are finished with iron coating, which creates reliable protection against aggressive environmental influences. In order not to create a rough coating, part of the exterior walls are lined with natural wood. Thus, the functional purpose of the structure and the balance with the landscape environment are reflected.

The original structure of the building has been transformed and added with living quarters. Family members feel comfortable in spacious rooms made entirely of natural materials. This is a bold performance that opens the boundaries of nature, and the beauty of landscapes.

In designing the facade of the hangar under the house, the architects chose the best solution in the form of rectangular and panoramic windows and glazed sliding doors. The presence of a large number of window openings made it possible to saturate the room with natural light.


Outwardly, the rough construction housed a bewitching interior. Designers made the maximum use of dark wood in the decoration of the premises.

The main elements of the arrangement of the rooms were wooden furniture, large doors in one texture with the walls, fresh flowers, and beautiful decor. The inner space creates freedom, which is intertwined with the outside world of limitless fields.


Argentine ranch Morro Chico destroys the traditional idea of the hangar building. A built-up house hangar, the photo of which shows the functional separation of the building, is a rational solution. For hangar’s simple forms, reliable materials are used. In this project, they closely alternate with a cozy living area.

Clear lines in the entire architecture of the building create a fashionable exterior styling. Connoisseurs of eco-construction will note alternative energy sources, the wooden cladding of the residential complex, which is gradually being transformed into corrugated sheets for households and warehouses.

Rational analysts can see for themselves creative ideas for arranging the interior. The curved shapes of the outer part are identically used inside. At the same time, the architect masterfully emphasized the connection with the area through the widespread glazing of the facade.