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High Ceilings with Wooden Beams in Interior Design

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The spacious living space with high ceilings loves massive décor and aesthetics. But in a modern interior, the decor should also be functional, and not just for beauty. In this regard, in a house with large open spaces, it makes sense to make an atmospheric ceiling with wooden beams.

high ceiling with wood beams

It acts as a spectacular decorative structure. At the same time, solid timber elements are the most important components of the roof in a functional context. The furnishings, in turn, are characterized by simplicity and a special, cozy atmosphere.

High Ceiling Effect With Wooden Beams

high ceiling house design

The high, solid wood-beamed ceilings make the living space look majestic and fashionable. Natural natural materials emphasize a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

high ceiling living room ideas

A wooden ceiling is almost the central tool for creating a clean, sustainable space. The dwelling is filled with natural shades, which has a positive effect on its visual perception.

high ceiling modern house design

It is also a tool for creating a pleasant microclimate, since in a room with a lot of wood, optimal air humidity is always maintained. Fresh wood fills the space with the scent of the forest, allowing you to plunge into romance and comfort.

living room with high ceilings decorating ideas

The relevance of using beams in high space is increasing due to the fact that in this way they will not clutter up the room, but, on the contrary, fill the void in it. The height makes it possible to implement non-standard ideas, for example, to leave visible rafter legs with horizontal bars under them.

High Ceiling Aesthetics With Wooden Beams

modern high ceiling living room

The next reason to make a wooden ceiling with beams in a spacious room is incredibly beautiful and stylish. Massive transverse structures bring an element of tradition into the interior, but they look creative.

high ceiling interior design

It is not for nothing that such a ceiling is used in the most extraordinary and atmospheric styles of home decoration, including loft, barnhouse, country. By modern standards, this design looks quite unusual.

high ceiling room ideas

Depending on the style of ceiling decoration, it may not literally take you several centuries ago, give you the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a real, eco-friendly home.

high ceiling bedroom design

An impressive high ceiling with wood beams will be the main tool for creating a romantic, comfortable, quiet country home environment. It is at the same time the most important element of the aesthetics of space and a component of its comfort.