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House Built on Downward Slope – How to beat the terrain in your favor

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A house on the slope of a plot with a lake – as architects got the most out of landscape features. The layout of the plot is on a slope down from the house.

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Architectural bureaus Przemek Olczyk and Mobius Architekci presented an original, ultramodern country house on the slope of a plot in the city of Ilawa (Poland) near Masurian Lake. The main feature of the mansion with an area of 500 square meters was its integration into a not so convenient landscape.

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Architects defeated the unevenness of the site in favor of the building, partially integrating the object into the slope.

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features of the location of the house on the slope of the site

The house is designed in the form of a rectangular structure 50 meters long. From one side, the roof of the building is almost equal to the site, and on the other, the house offers a panoramic view of the surroundings below, including the lake.

modern house on slope

From the side of the street, the building remains not just private, but almost invisible. From the entrance to the site, only the entrance to the house is visible. The building itself is hidden from here, since in this part it is built to the level of the landscape. The roof of the house is disguised with gravel and grass – it seems that it is just an ennobled lawn.

house in slope land

On the other, private side of the plot, the whole view of the house opens. This is a modern building in the styles of minimalism and hi-tech with a large area of glazing. From the panoramic windows you can see all the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

homes built on a slope

Due to this technique, the architects managed to ensure maximum privacy of the object from the street. At the same time, the house on the slope of the plot is as open as possible for residents from private land.

house in a slope

slope house – site and building layout

Architects came to the decision of linear planning of space from the lake. In this case, none of the rooms turned out to be deaf – driven under a slope. All living quarters in the house on a slope plot overlook the adjacent territory in the direction of the reservoir. Ancillary, service rooms, a bathroom are made by the second line and are more adapted to the slope. Due to this, they did not have to use part of the house with viewing windows, and they managed to make it as open as possible.

homes on steep slopes

Entrance to the rear is made according to the type of descent into the underground part. But on the opposite side, the house is above the ground, and from the windows open views into the distance beyond the horizon. The mansion also has two atriums, one of which is closed from the outside, and the other faces the panorama of the lake.

modern house built into hillside

Below the house is a private beach and pier. The slopes from the entrance to the building from the backyard are made here. The proximity to the lake was also used as architecturally as possible – its own recreation area on the shore is practically in the courtyard.

house on downhill slope

The presented house on the slope of the plot provides maximum privacy for residents, but at the same time it is notable for their openness.

Architects Przemek Olczyk / Mobius Architekci 
Photo Pawel Ulatowski