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House Design With Rooftop Terrace

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In the absence of free space for arranging recreation areas near the house, a flat roof can be used for them. The structure should initially be provided as an exploitable roof, designed for the corresponding loads and in accordance with safety standards.

House Design With Rooftop Terrace

This solution was applied by the architectural bureau BCHO Architects. The architects showed that the roof terrace of a private house is not a whim of the owners who want to highlight their home, but a smart step to squeeze the maximum effect out of the recreation area.

Using a flat roof for a perspective panoramic view

The presented house is located on a slope. From here a picturesque panorama of the valley with a lake and mountains in the distance opens. In order to be able to enjoy all the beauty of the landscape above the edges of the trees, the best thing to equip the observation area is on a hill.

The highest point on the site was the roof of the house. Therefore, it was she who was used as a specific recreation area.

Next to the two terraces, an opening was made in the roof to the atrium, from which a tree rises. This way we managed to minimize the artificiality of the setting, add romance and showiness to the atmosphere.

Using a flat roof under the terrace for the purpose of rationality

The hilly landscape of the house allowed to play with it and equip the original zoned garden. The demarcation of the territory is carried out due to unevenness.

Arranging a terrace here is not a good idea. First, the hills would partially block the view of the valley. Secondly, it would take a lot of time to develop and prepare the territory. All these problems are not on the roof, so the terrace was built there.

It is worth using a flat roof for a recreation area not only if the site is problematic in the context of building a terrace, but also in order to achieve its originality. It has a special romantic atmosphere and views of the sunsets to the horizon.

ArchitectsBCHO Architects
PhotoSergio Pirrone