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How to integrate inner courtyard house with a landscape

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How to make a house with a courtyard as a whole, having achieved the openness of artificial space, but observing the privacy of housing and adjoining zones.

courtyard home

The architectural bureau Matt Fajkus Architecture presented a new house with a courtyard in Austin (USA), an area of 450 sq.m. The object became an example of what landscape design should be in order for the green house territory to satisfy the needs of a modern family and integrate successfully with a residential building in a trendy minimalist style.

house with courtyard in the middle

Consider the features of architecture and landscape, due to which the mansion has become especially comfortable for living.

modern courtyard house

U shaped house with courtyard – smooth transitions between the spaces of the house with a courtyard

The strict boundaries between the social areas inside the house and the outdoor seating areas are a thing of the past. Now, the more opportunities are provided for the integration of these spaces, the more practical they are.

courtyard style homes

From the side of the courtyard in the house made panoramic glazing – the structure can be opened. Behind them is a terrace. There is a practically barrier-free environment between the living room and the outdoor seating area. And a couple of meters from here is a swimming pool. The object looks like a whole – the outdoor recreation area has become a continuation of the internal social space.

homes with courtyards in the center

To further smooth the transition, a canopy is partially made over the terrace, which is essentially a continuation of the living room ceiling. Lighting here is made on the same principle as in the house.

center courtyard house

House with central courtyard – house and yard as a single private artificial object

The house with a courtyard is a single structure. Recreation areas, a pool and lawns with the house are not just on the ground, but on the so-called podium or terrace. Such a technique made it possible to integrate the house landscape and the building with each other even more.

traditional courtyard house

The main functional areas of the courtyard are closely combined directly with housing. And due to the U-shaped form of the building, this house territory turns out to be surrounded by it. The peculiarity of this reception is that the courtyard is closed from the outside, the only open part of this house space facing the garden. But even from this side, architects managed to achieve maximum privacy of the adjacent recreation areas. But they offer impressive panoramic views.

house with internal courtyard

Due to the retaining wall, which forms a kind of podium or terrace with a house with a courtyard, the entire private territory has a clear border. Due to its elevated position, the building and adjoining recreation areas are not visible from the garden. For even greater privacy, small trees are planted on the retaining wall. They also play an important aesthetic function – the design of the entire site focuses on wildlife, landscaping, environmental friendliness and naturalness.

home with courtyard in middle

The presented project is an example of how to make housing and adjoining recreation areas open and comfortable, but at the same time achieve their privacy. The house, together with the courtyard, is a single self-contained artificial space that does not have strict boundaries between itself, but is clearly separated from the outside world.

Architects Matt Fajkus Architecture
Photo Charles Davis Smith Spaces & Faces Photography