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Spacious Large Roof House on a Mountain Hill

The presented house project was implemented by the famous company LSD Architects in 2016. The unique location on the mountain peak of Malpa “Costa Rica) offers amazing views of the ocean. The central idea of architects is to create a house with a large roof, in which each square meter of space will fulfill its purpose.

The design has developed the exact geometry of lines and shapes in its natural context. The decision to make a flat roof in two independent structures is ideally combined with the wildness of the surrounding nature. The roof also looks awkward, but at the same time retains high reliability, security of the building and a stylish look. The main part of the coating is made with a slope that opens onto the terrace. And the second is perfectly flat.

The upper part of the roof is covered with light-colored corrugated board, trimmed with ferrous metal on the sides. The combination of contrasting colors was not in vain, because it emphasizes the exterior with the interior decoration of the house. Here, the direct connection of the design of the entire facade with the surrounding natural landscape is preserved.

Winding lines are used in the construction of the entire structure. Various bends of the walls, irregular shape of the terraces give an unusual appearance. A house with a large roof was erected, a photo of which shows us all its charms, of black concrete walls. The decoration creates an incredible effect against the backdrop of green vegetation with a light interior design.

Wood and metal are the main materials used by architects in interior decoration. The walls, ceiling and furniture are made only of natural wood. The vertical arrangement of the bars increases the already spacious rooms. On the ground floor there is a large living room with kitchen. There is a dining table for adults, and a small one for children.

White walls, light floors fill the room with a special atmosphere of coziness, warmth, comfort. The open space is designed to create natural light and a ventilated system. On the first and second floor there are glass sliding doors. They offer views of the hill, the ocean, which allows you to enjoy natural harmony.

The project includes a kitchenliving room, bedrooms, bathroom. All rooms have a large area for a comfortable stay. Each zone is viewed from the outside through panoramic windows. Each structure is finished with metal, wooden fences used throughout the house.

Of particular note is the interior of the bathroom. The room is in the open air, part of which is covered by a side roof. Yin and Yang is the design of the bathroom. White sinks and a wall create a contrast with the shower area. The concrete finish in black is suitable for flooring made of natural pebbles.

The project photo shows that the living room opens onto an open veranda. The exterior of the space is also made in light dark shades. Country houses with a large terrace under the roof allow you to allocate a recreation area in an open area. Here you can spend evenings or sit with your family at breakfast, being touched by the beautiful landscape.

The wood trim of the large roof and interior rooms forms the continuity of each part of the structure. Architects adopted a single idea of the exterior and interior. Minimalism with natural forms complement each other, causing admiration for the project.

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