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House with Floor to Ceiling Windows

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How to use large floor to ceiling windows to withstand the line between privacy, openness of space, make it light and with a pleasant microclimate – photo and description.

Floor to ceiling glass walls in a project from China

floor to ceiling windows

Architectural Bureau TAOA introduced a new panorama format in a residential building. This is a project of a mansion in Beijing, in which the glazing is large floor to ceiling windows, replacing whole walls. Glass structures are not framed and are made to the entire height of the room – from the ceiling to the floor. The facades of the house turned out to be completely glass. Awnings and residential platforms, taken out of its limits, visually and functionally expand the space.

Consider the features of a house with large floor to ceiling windows that replace entire walls.

Ceiling to floor windows – exceptional viewability and optimal insolation

From the large floor to ceiling windows in the social areas of the house offer panoramic views of the surrounding area. The building is located in a favorable location in the context of the beauty of the landscape. Sitting in the living room or kitchen, you can enjoy the panorama overlooking the open area, park, lake.

The space looks open and light, as close to the natural environment as possible – this is a trend in modern housing construction. Thanks to the large ceiling to floor windows, the rooms receive a sufficient amount of sunlight throughout the day. To achieve an optimal microclimate, the windows are under the visors – structures obscure the space, protect it from direct sunlight in the heat.

Floor to ceiling windows living room – on the verge of openness and privacy

To achieve the privacy of the house with large ceiling to floor windows with practically transparent walls, first of all, its location allowed. In the immediate vicinity there is a courtyard, the lake is a bit distant, and the public park is even further. Due to this, although the house remains open enough for outside views, it is too far from public places, therefore it is not visible to outsiders.

Private rooms also have large ceiling to floor windows. But to keep this space closed and not visible from the outside, perforated walling was installed here. The original pattern on their surface subtly maintains the line between privacy and openness of space.

Windows floor to ceiling – ultramodern building design

Glass is one of the trending materials used in modern housing design. It is widely used in minimalism, high-tech, techno styles. All these directions can be traced in the presented project, and I emphasize the glass walls on them, emphasize the modernity of the space.

Glass in the mansion has become the main design tool. The house looks modern, light and in line with the latest architectural trends. But the purpose of using large ceiling to floor windows is not primarily the design modernity, but the proximity of the internal and external spaces. Residents can fully enjoy the natural surroundings right from their living room or at the dining table. Terraces create a smooth transition from internal to external space.

Large panoramic floor to ceiling windows in the TAOA project are no longer traditional panoramic windows, but full glass walls. Architects made the constructions as transparent and open as possible, but provided for their incomplete transparency in rooms that a priori should remain private.

Architects TAOA 
Photo Lei Tao