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How to Create a Dark Wood Design Ceiling

With the popularization of loft, fusion, minimalism, eco, barnhouse styles, the dark wood ceiling is no longer perceived as something extraordinary and contrary to the canons of interior design. It is fashionable and stylish to create a dynamic, conceptual environment. This solution helps to focus on naturalness and comfort of housing.

Dark wood in the ceiling decoration creates the effect of immersion in a beautiful, welcoming and cozy space with a pleasant microclimate.

Stylish tricks in dark wood ceiling design

Complement the structure with artificially aged beams, and you will get an atmospheric room, stylized as a century-old home with a touch of romance that creeps through to the creeps.

You can follow the opposite concept and use perfectly polished, smooth lamellas, boards, emphasizing the manufacturability of a modern interior. The design is completely natural, and at the same time, it is extremely suitable for a minimalist or high-tech interior.

Fresh flowers in flowerpots, panoramic glazing with a majestic green landscape outside the windows will add harmony and tranquility here. The room should be bright, open with contrasting wall decoration and furniture. In such a context, a dark wooden ceiling will not crush and create the effect of being in a closet.

Designer dark wood ceiling designs

If you decide to use dark wood in the ceiling decoration, a huge potential of design ideas opens up before you. Don’t settle for straight, traditional structures and beams. Here you can play with shapes, install gable, domed ceilings. A simple rule – the larger the room, the darker the ceiling can be used, which will help to achieve an impressive effect.

But don’t forget that every element must be highlighted well enough. Only in this way will a dark wooden surface look cozy, warm and comfortable. Subdued zoned lighting of different parts of the ceiling and beams is the key to a romantic, intimate setting.

Designers recommend using several identical main lamps and a few additional ones instead of a single light source. If you want to highlight the ceiling, do not cover it with massive chandeliers, but mount spots.

Oak, teak, walnut ceilings look rich and expensive. This is a solution for a fashionable interior with a lot of natural and artificial light.

The dark wood ceiling is a universal solution for interiors in old, rustic styles and in modern, futuristic directions with light walls, a large glazing area.