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How to Make a Simple Flat House Design Stylish and Fashionable?

The laconicism and severity of forms, lines in architecture are fashionable in themselves and practically do not require any additions. But when creating a trendy simple flat house design, it is important to follow a few guidelines in order to achieve an effective object. Otherwise, it may look meager and even look like an unfinished building, warehouse, industrial facility.

Architectural agency Parada Cantilo Estudio demonstrated how to correctly apply flat design in architecture on the example of a country cottage. Let’s consider 3 most important features of the project.

Minimalism as the basis for simple flat home design

As a basic direction, it is worth choosing a style that matches the laconicism of forms, structures, decor. Minimalism fits here like nothing else.

The principle of the absence of decor, complex structures and intricate forms was originally laid down here. In minimalism, everything is elementary, straightforward and modest.

And due to the play of light, textures, palette, harmony and a complete, self-sufficient appearance of the object are achieved.

Stained glass glazing in a simple flat home design

The next trick that allows you to make a modest and simple-looking housing a luxurious, modern object is a large glazing area. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, the rectangular building with a flat roof does not look like a box.

It is a bright, airy, contemporary living space with a functional façade. Through such windows, high-quality natural lighting is provided, and views of the surrounding areas open.

And their main feature is the ability to integrate the internal space with the adjacent recreation areas. By installing sliding glazing, it was possible to literally connect the living area to the terrace in front of the house, visually eliminating the barrier between them.

The ease of simple flat home design

The architects made the roof of the cottage hover above the ground. This was realized by applying modern construction technology that does not require large, massive load-bearing structures. A few supports and metal beams on them are enough.

A special flat roof extends over the recreational areas around the house, thus further integrating them with the indoor living space. It seems that there is no strict boundary between the inside and the outside. This design will appeal to active people, those who like to spend time in the fresh air.

As a result, the simple flat design of the house takes on a lightness. The cottage provides a comfortable, safe and spacious living space.

ArchitectsParada Cantilo Estudio