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Beige Stone Finish Combined With White Interior

Organization of external and internal space is a whole flight of various styles, design ideas. A mix of competently selected design solutions for the modern facade of the house allows you to create an original, unique appearance, as well as design the interior in trendy colors.

Despite the variety of directions, facing the outer part with stone together with the light gamut of the inner lining remains unchanged. Images of facade finish in a classic beige version will present the future family corner.

The main characteristics of the design of the exterior of the house:

  • Clarity of forms – architects use simple, concise forms, lines in the project, creating the ideal structure of the object;
  • Large windows look presentable, providing maximum illumination of the interior;
  • The presented house decoration on the outside in the photo, the facade treatment is made of natural stone, which guarantees the durability of the structure, perfectly emphasize the naturalness of the building;
  • The use of minimalism is perfect for fashion trends of the season – the absence of excess decor gives the facade practicality and simplicity.

Despite the many recent trends in architecture, the facade decoration of a private house, the photo of which is presented above, is a classic option. The use of beige color emphasizes the nobility, luxury of the building. The builders clearly thought over the entire structure in the project – windows, a balcony, the absence of unnecessary parts, glass entrance doors. A small balcony area can serve as a place to relax, have dinner or breakfast in the fresh air. Highlighted areas with different structures complement each other, creating a single picture.

The main part of the image shows a combined type of design. The house on two floors has correctly located windows, each of which fills the room with natural light, this gives a special cosiness to the space. The use of monotonous design at first glance seems boring, but in the finished version the effect is beautiful. Owners can enjoy light shades, laconicism of the exterior. In recent years, this is the most popular way of designing the exterior of a house. Decorating the house with a facade stone, the photo of which we can observe, provides only for natural materials, environmentally friendly and safe for residents.

A photo of the facade decoration of houses shows how important it is to use the territory correctly. Large space allows you to highlight the main area directly under the house, and the rest is reserved for the landscape. Trees, decorative shrubs fill the yard with natural beauty, freshness. Flower beds will also look great, jasmine will add a special aroma, which will only emphasize the beautiful beige color of the facade. The photo of the facade decoration shows that the architects provided for a concrete platform near the house, made in the same color.

The photo of the facade decoration allows us only to guess about the genius of the design of the premises inside the house. To impress guests, you do not need to clutter up the space with unnecessary decor, painted walls. Harmony, light, nobleness and luxury are combined in the white color of the surrounding walls. The entrance area provides for a spacious room with a glazed part of the wall. Here you can place a small corner for receiving guests, arrange fresh flowers. Lighting can be limited to one large chandelier, as the sun’s rays will constantly fill the room with light.

White walls combined with light parquet – the perfect solution. A staircase with glass railings does not spoil the overall style, since the wooden structure will not fit into the design. The white decision to design the interior causes a contradiction, because not everyone considers it practical. But, designers know how he is able to give tenderness, softness to the space, fill it with mystery in the twilight or triumph in bright light.

You can visually assess the possibilities and advantages of using stone in the images presented. The embossed texture, a combination of different decorative styles allow you to create an unusual, original appearance. When compared with conventional brick or other cladding, this effect cannot be achieved. Finishing with a facade stone, the photo of which we see here, has significant advantages – durability, wear resistance, long-term preservation of color, resistance to negative environmental factors.

Not only the outside of the house is responsible for presentability, but also the inside. Decoration in white will be a winning option for small and large rooms. This design option is appreciated for the ability to visually increase the space, filling it with harmony, comfort. Looking at the photo of the facade, you will immediately fall in love with this style of cladding. This is a classic that will be popular from year to year.