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9+ Impressive Home Exterior Accent Wall Ideas

Quite often, just one accent turns a seemingly nondescript home into a trendy modern cottage. Exterior accent wall design ideas allow you to dilute, revive a boring facade. They make it rich and eye-catching. And all due to the fact that, thanks to the accent, the house gets a completely different look, atmosphere and mood.

From sight, an old rural hut can turn into a barn cottage, and a nondescript gray concrete, brick house will become the central object of the site and the background behind it.

Exterior accent wall color ideas

Most often, deep dark tones are used for accents, since in most cases light shades are the basis. The idea behind the accent wall of the exterior here is that the structure is torn out of the general palette, attracting maximum attention.

How it works on the perception of an object by a person, consider an example. If you look at the cottage in the photo above and imagine that it is made in a single gray color, most will identify it as a wooden building of an incomprehensible shape. The architects added an accent, and now the dark tone has become the main in the design. We already see the building as an interesting house with a black facade. A feature was added to the project, and it turned out to be dominant here.

The same effect is observed in the next object. The thatched farmhouse has been transformed into a stylish black thatched cottage. At the same time, accents help to visually emphasize the unusual shape of the structure.

Textured and constructive exterior accent wall ideas

Sometimes the main purpose of an accent wall is to transform a building from a sulky concrete object into a cozy, lightweight cottage. For this, warm wooden structures are added to the reinforced concrete structure. It is on them that the emphasis is made here.

Or, conversely, an element of roughness made of metal and concrete is added to a modest wooden dwelling. This is done in order to create a stunning ultra-fashionable look, increase the reliability and strength of the object.

Home Exterior Accent Wall Ideas are a tool for creating a complete, stylish look for a building, enhancing its functionality. If it seems to you that something is missing in the design of the building, you should not immediately add decor, structures, complicate the architecture. Often it is enough to make one or several walls accent, tearing them out of the general concept. But at the same time, it is important to maintain harmony.