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Impressive House Front Entrance Design

House front entrance design dictates the basic impressions of the person entering the building. The further perception of the interior and housing in general will depend on this. It is not in vain that special attention is paid to the design of the door and slopes. They must exactly match the design of the facade and be in harmony with the interior.

The appearance of the front door and the entrance itself, the porch, for centuries, indicated the status of the owners. The trend is still observed. And especially high requirements remain for the front entrance in the classical style – here it is the central element of the facade, so it should be accentuated.

Sophisticated English house front entrance design

English classics are sophisticated lines, shapes, but without exaggeration. Stucco forms around the perimeter of the front door clearly distinguish it on the facade. Elements of floristic patterns are present, but their number is minimal, and the form is quite simple.

It is allowed to create an arched structure with a blind or through window above the door. The basis for a curved shape with a pattern can be pilasters on the sides of the slopes.

A pair of entrance doors on one porch looks especially impressive and native in English. The solution is used for townhouses and houses divided into two parts on the sides of the entrance group.

Austere design of the main entrance to the house in Greek motives

In this case, the design is dominated by straight, strict forms. The main element is the triangular pediment above the door. Unlike the English direction, it should have sharp corners without an arched structure.

An abundance of small identical geometric shapes forms a pattern above the door, along the perimeter of the pediment or on the sides of the entrance group.

There must necessarily be carved pilasters, replacing the columns on the sides of the entrance. The palette is light, delicate – in white, beige tones.

Neoclassical house front entrance design

An alternative for those who find the original classics too confused, complex and intrusive in the context of modern laconic architecture. Such an entrance is decorated according to all the principles of the classics – symmetry, beauty, solidity and nobility. But here a much less saturated decor is provided.

This design of the front entrance to the house is more versatile and is already close to modern trends. More rudeness and even minimalism is allowed.