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Impressive Projects of a Beautiful Single Story Houses

Seibert Architects, P.A. presented a unique project of a beautiful single floor house, which is closely connected with the local area. It was created on the basis of an old building that underwent reconstruction. In the building, internal partitions, walls, doors were removed as much as possible, and an open facade was made from the side of a private courtyard. This created an open, spacious environment for the family.

Above the part of the territory between the house and the pool, a covered terrace was made. The space is closed from the sides by walls, so it remains secluded, private, quiet.

Beautiful one story homes 👉 Unusual techniques for integrating space with the landscape in the project of a beautiful single floor house

This spectacular house immediately catches the eye thanks to the extraordinary design and architectural solutions. One of the most expressive among them is the broken roof. It became a feature not only outside, but also inside, so they refused a flat ceiling, under which this structure would hide.

Instead, windows were installed in the triangles formed by the roof. They are designed to provide additional lighting space. The ceiling looks light and creative. This design can be considered an average between modern minimalism and the traditional option with beams.

From the side of the backyard, panoramic windows were installed in the house, through which there is a connection with the adjacent area, the landscape. This technique made it possible to further expand the already spacious social zone. Bright accents in the interior added dynamics to the atmosphere.

A spectacular outdoor outdoor shower emphasizes the closeness of the spaces to the environment. The environment is unusually closely connected with the landscape.

Beautiful one floor houses 👉 The integrity of the project of a beautiful single floor house

Another feature of the object was the unified style and palette in the design of spaces inside and out. This also made it possible to visually attach the local area to living spaces. The grounds in front of the house and the rooms inside the building seem to be inseparable.

The figured designer ceiling is not limited by the walls of the house, and goes outside, forming a canopy over the adjoining recreation area with sun loungers by the pool. To achieve visual lightness and freshness, the landscape design and interior were designed in light colors. Outside, they were diluted due to wildlife, greenery, and inside, colorful, expressive furniture was used for this purpose. The house is decorated in a fairly eclectic style, which is dominated by the features of the Scandinavian direction, minimalism, eco.

The creative project of a beautiful single floor house is a dynamic environment for a modern family, where you can enjoy direct contact with wildlife, outdoor recreation. The spaces are closely integrated with the site. The architecture of the building is notable for its extraordinary designs and lines.

ArchitectsSeibert Architects, P.A.
ImagesRyan Gamma Photography

Project of a Beautiful One Story House with Lake Access

Light, filled with fresh air and natural light, the project of a beautiful one-story house is located on the shore of a small lake. It is a secluded family residence with four bedrooms, a system of patios that interact closely with living spaces.

For maximum contact with the landscape, the house has panoramic windows. The windows offer picturesque views of the reservoir, forests and mountains in the distance. This is a glass structure, which focuses on view characteristics and contact with wildlife. Thanks to the location of the spaces on the same level, each of them managed to be as close as possible to the impressive surroundings.

Beautiful one level homes 👉 Framing spaces with nature in the project of a beautiful one story house

To enhance the effect of the presence of nature in the house, the architects worked out the configuration of the building, literally introducing three small courtyards into its design. Individual rooms are surrounded by wildlife.

Due to the curved, broken design of the facade and panoramic glazing, spaces from several sides receive even more natural light at once. A dynamic project of a beautiful one-story house is a complex of volumes separated from each other by courtyards.

In addition, the patio can be used for spending time outdoors. To make the situation in the courtyards secluded and comfortable in different weather, a roof is provided above them. At the same time, direct contact with the sky is felt. To do this, holes were made in the roof through which tree trunks pass. This technique allowed to achieve even closer contact with the environment.

The continuity of panoramic glass windows provides an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. The premises are shrouded in picturesque landscapes, which in turn have become the main tool for creating an atmosphere of freedom and lightness.

Beautiful one story house designs 👉 The contact of the interior in the project of a one story house with the environment

The project has an amazing harmony between the comfortable atmosphere inside the house and the landscape outside the windows. This was achieved by balancing the interior and appearance. Designers designed the spaces using natural materials, including wood and stone.

A simple, ergonomic, easy-to-understand Scandinavian style was chosen for the arrangement of housing. So that the spaces do not seem boring against the backdrop of a bright natural environment, bright accents were made in them. Turquoise, blue, indigo tones are effectively combined with the blue of the sky, the blue of the lake, the richly flowering meadow, and lush greenery.

An open and dynamic project of a beautiful one-story house is an environment thought out to the smallest detail, which is unprecedentedly embedded in the environment and is in close contact with it as closely as possible. Living in this residence, you will be able to feel the peace and tranquility dictated by the picturesque natural landscape as strongly as possible.

ArchitectsCLB Architects
ImagesJohn Ellis Matthew Millman