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2 Interesting A Frame House Designs

The original eco-friendly idea from the architectural bureau Modernstudio Architektury presents 2 interesting A frame house structures that form a single object. This option of suburban housing is suitable for those who seek to move away from the usual foundations of living in confined spaces, and wants to be in the palm of their hand in front of a wild environment.

The emphasis here is on modesty and simplicity. Residents receive only the necessary basic set of spaces for comfortable living. And at the same time, they are provided with almost unlimited contact with nature, which begins directly in the house.

Locality And Privacy Of A Frame House Structures

The idea of an extraordinary building was inspired by nature itself. In this regard, the buildings practically recreate the atmosphere of the surrounding forest and meadow. At the same time, an emphasis is placed on the peace and quiet of spaces.

The extraordinary configuration provides additional contact with nature and enhances the feeling of privacy when staying in any of the buildings. Secluded sleeping places are located on the second level above compact social areas. Each of the cabins is suitable for a couple or one person.

Panoramic windows provide high-quality visual contact with the forest. At the same time, they are designed so that the housing receives a lot of daylight, but is secluded from direct sunlight. Shaded canopies over the panoramic windows accentuate the serene atmosphere.

Dynamics of A Frame House Designs to Match the Landscape

The houses seem to be directed in opposite directions. Due to this, each building offers an individual view of the surrounding area. Asymmetric designs subtly emphasize each other, forming a logically finished picture.

A couple of houses seemed to come together in a dance in the middle of a forest glade. They seem to be in motion and grow with the forest. The design is elementary simple, but it looks cool and dynamic. At the same time, the buildings are spared from intricate forms, but they look far from the standard and interesting.

The presented modern frame house designs reflect how little a modern person really needs in order to be happy, feel comfortable, and just enjoy life. The simpler life is arranged and the more natural the environment, the more this environment attracts and fascinates.

ArchitectsModernstudio Architektury
ImagesJoanna Prokopowicz, Sonia Pasternok