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Interesting House Facades: A Way to Stand Out from City Buildings

How interesting house facades help make typical middle-class housing attractive and stylish. Description and photo of the house with an original facade.

Interesting facades of houses – one of the most effective techniques to make the building original. Due to its unusual appearance, a private house or high-rise building becomes an object of art. An example of such a building was an object from the architectural bureau Landmak Architecture in the Vietnamese city of Namdin. Consider the features of this building.

interesting house facade with futuristic design

The minimalistic design of the facade is made in an ultramodern style, due to which the house looks like the housing of the future. Windows and openings for balconies and terraces are made in the form of cutouts in a monolithic structure. They are not made in traditional shapes. On the front side of the lower level, a cut begins in the facade on two floors at once. Above it is a corner opening, due to which the effect of an overhanging upper floor is created. Even higher in the facade is a wide aperture providing a panoramic view from the terrace.

An interesting facade of the house allowed to achieve optimal privacy of housing. On the one hand, it closes the terrace with the garden with sufficient quality, but at the same time, due to the wide cut-out, it offers an extensive view of the adjacent territory, the city.

On the lower levels of the house, in the second light zone in the facade, a narrow high window is made. Due to him, this part of the building does not look like a solid box. Here futurism is intertwined with home comfort and coziness.

To match the exterior of the modern type of housing, the interior is made in a trendy minimalistic high-tech style. Here, the exterior and interior inside the house complement each other.

architecture features of a compact house with an interesting facade

With a height of 4 floors, this house fits on a plot 9 meters wide and 11 meters long. Inside, it substitutes traditional block housing, in which they distinguished housing by vertical planning. The inner space seems to wriggle to the top, and each level has a certain functional purpose.

From bottom to top, housing is gradually moving from social zones to private spaces. On the lower level, there is a kitchen, a living room, then there are children’s rooms, and even higher – the master bedroom. On the fourth floor, there is another bedroom, an altar, and an office, from which the office has access to an open terrace with a green lawn. The terrace is equipped with the principle of a compact tropical garden. Such a technique made it possible to make a comfortable recreation area with wildlife, surrounded by urban areas, directly on the floors.

Interesting house facades are used in architecture to add unusualness and style to the building. In the example of the considered house, we see how an impressive futuristic residential building was made of a small, nondescript object due to the facade.

Architects Landmak Architecture
Photo Trieu Chien