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Interior Wooden Beams – 161 m² Natural Finishing in Madrid Apartment

In the heart of Madrid, the designers of Carlos Manzano Arquitectos made an interpretation of the apartment, which completely immersed their owners in childhood. The old apartments looked very simple, where there were small rooms with high ceilings, a long corridor, and darkened windows. The idea of styling the apartment was aimed at highlighting the main accents of the design and its modernization. The main element of the project was wooden beams in the interior.

Modern use of wooden beams in the interior of the house

With inconspicuous housing, the new apartment has become an inimitable challenge to the fashionable direction of interior design. Designers reviewed the distribution of space, organized it under a full-fledged housing. All attention in each room is riveted to natural decoration and decoration. To do this, wooden beams are used, which complement the overall decor in the interior.

The apartment is consistently located:

The entire interior is made in the Scandinavian design of the last century. Thanks to the right furniture and decor, the designers were able to embody the ancient notes of room decoration and the modern country style. Wooden beams in the interior play a fundamental role in style. The natural texture of the tree, uncut trunks, slightly curved shapes give naturalness and inimitability to the space.

The apartment resembles a carpentry workshop, because each of its elements is made of wood: tables, chairs, a bed, windows with shutters, stucco molding on the walls, doors. This approach reflects the essence of traditional Spanish housing, where there are no superfluous things, intricate materials, complex shapes. Initially, the question was about maintaining the character of the house, its values.

The correct arrangement of wooden beams in the interior of the apartment

One very interesting moment is visible in the photo – there are no partitions in the apartment. Demolition of structures allowed expanding the space, combining the living room, kitchen, corridor and guest room. To separate each zone, wooden beams are used, which play not only a decorative, but also a protecting role. Symmetrically arranged columns allow privacy to pass through the rooms.

Remarkable is the fact that all the wooden finishes are made in one color scheme. The natural texture of wood looks harmoniously on doors, beams, furniture, windows, and kitchens.

The ancient interior has been preserved in every detail of the modern setting. Separately, I want to highlight a bathroom. A wooden sink with an unusual stone washbasin, wicker baskets, coasters create an excellent contrast to the black wall decoration. Against the background of bright rooms, the bathroom becomes the “black sheep” of the interior, demonstrating the creativity of designers.

Open spaces and their location in housing motivated to choose this style of design. Despite its ancient appearance, wooden beams in the interior are fully adapted to modern use.

Architects Carlos Manzano Arquitectos
Photo Amores Pictures