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House Landscape Design 💣 580 m² of modern home layout

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Use of the landscape in the construction of private houses is widely used by adherents of organic architecture. The landscape design of the country house is designed taking into account the hilly terrain and with minimal impact on the natural topography of the site.

landscape design front of house


Lonely house is located separately, far from neighboring buildings and roads and merges with the environment. The building is as if built into the morphological bends of the site. The starting point in the design of the house was the hill on the site, which became one of the walls of the house being built. The first floor of the building is on the same level with the hill, and the second floor is slightly higher than a natural hillock.

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house front yard design

On the one hand, grass cover is used as the roof of the house according to the landscape design. Thus, the roof of the building looks like a natural extension of the hilly terrain and has all the advantages of a grass roof:

  • material availability and long service life;
  • high heat and waterproofing properties;
  • maintaining the temperature in the house;
  • minimum maintenance and repair costs.

house yard design

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Reinforced concrete slabs supported by a column system visually look like a continuation of the hill. They are both the overlap of the first floor of the L-shaped building, and a walking, viewing platform. The patio resembles a clearing located at the foot of a low green mountain.

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landscape design side of house

Panoramic glazing combines the internal rooms on the first and second floors and the external space, provides free access to sunny colors and fresh air, insisted on the freshness of meadow greenery and trees.


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Landscape design of a country house provides for the protection of the house from winds from the north side. This improves the microclimate in the house and in the yard, allows you not to feel the blow of the cold northerly winds and significantly saves energy. And at the same time it opens up a beautiful view of the nearby natural reservoir.

house backyard design

front house yard design

Despite the secluded location of the building, loneliness will not be felt here, because the interior and the courtyard are a natural extension of the landscape due to bright lighting and panoramic windows. The sharp contours of the noble gray house gracefully fit into the hilly area, as if on one of the city streets.

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landscape design around house

Access roads to the house and walking paths are paved with gravel in gray tones, which echoes the color scheme of floor slabs. The entire construction ensemble looks like a single architectural solution. The road smoothly goes around the hill and seems not to be man-made, but a natural design element. Green bushes and trees along the road and on the hillsides only reinforce these feelings.

modern landscape design front of house

house with landscape design

Natural green spaces around the entire site have been preserved in their original form, making the site look natural and relaxed. Huge stone boulders complement this naturalness and simplicity, scattered randomly on a hilly plot.

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On the south side of the building, reinforced concrete slabs create unusual and unique outlines of the second floor of the house. Large glazed surfaces offer a beautiful view of the green grass cover of the hill.

modern house landscape design

house and landscape design

Using the broad staircase in the regeneration of a private house is somewhat unusual, as most such staircases are inherent to industrial buildings. But in this case, it looks appropriate and original, being an integral part of the design of the recreation area. Successful abundant lighting creates a feeling of security and peace.

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outside house garden design

Important! Designing a house using a natural elevation of the landscape requires professional calculations to strengthen the slopes to prevent landslides and landslides. The safest way out is to turn to specialists in solving this issue.

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exterior house garden design

Architectural genius of the creators of the landscape project of a country house made it possible to build a cozy, comfortable and unique home that combined urban comfort and the natural naturalness of the hilly terrain.

Architects Mobius Architects
Area580 m2
Photo Paweł Ulatowski