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Large Stained Glass Windows ~ 3 Reasons To Use

Large stained glass windows became the main element of the facades of the species housing. The architectural bureau Rowland + Broughton Architecture presented a fashionable house design in Aspen, Colorado (USA). The cottage is located in a picturesque resort area. One of its features is impressive picturesque landscapes. Therefore, the task of the architects was to make maximum emphasis on the panoramas outside the windows.

In this regard, it was decided to use not stained walls, but large stained-glass windows as walling.

panoramic glazing as an element of exclusivity and luxury

Modern floor glazing systems are a sign of an elite class housing. The house looks easy and expensive, but it is as simple and safe as possible. In most cases, as in the presented project, recreation areas, terraces, pools are arranged in front of large stained-glass windows.

They are placed on the same level with the floor in the house, creating a barrier-free environment. This makes it possible to visually and functionally expand the space and make it practical. The street terrace can literally be attached to the living space.

immersion of housing in the surrounding nature

In a house with large stained-glass windows, there will not be a feeling of isolation in the four walls. Moreover, if the glazing is made not from one, but from two or three sides at once. The landscape behind the panoramic windows seems to be becoming part of the interior, the main element of the decoration of space.

Housing itself in this case can be practically not decorated, furnished in a minimalist style, simple, bright, natural colors. Due to this technique, architects were able to strengthen the emphasis on the views outside the windows and further familiarize them with the living space.

light, bright and spacious interior

Even a relatively compact house with large stained glass windows seems endless, since there is no visual border here. In addition to this, housing receives a lot of daylight, which also increases its visibility.

In the presented house, architects installed stained-glass windows from the sunny side. The climate here allows you to live comfortably, not to hide from sunlight in the shade. The solar panorama allowed the maximum of daylight to be launched into the living space. And due to the interior decoration in bright colors, insolation remains at the highest level all day.

Large stained-glass windows – this is a rational solution for a relatively remote, localized in the environment of nature private housing with beautiful panoramas outside the windows. The location of the panoramic glazing from the south side ensures flawless insolation due to the saturated daylight even on a cloudy day. A cottage with stained-glass windows looks expensive and solid, but at the same time it can differ in the simplest geometry and architectural solutions.

ArchitectsRowland+Broughton Architecture
PhotoBrent Moss